Digital boarding pass feature added to Google Now

The boarding pass feature has gone live on Google Now. The feature pulls out your flight details straight on your smartphone making your check-in process a lot easier.

Published Date
15 - Jan - 2013
| Last Updated
15 - Jan - 2013
Digital boarding pass feature added to Google Now

With the new boarding pass card, Google now aims to smoothen and ease the process of travelling for its users. Once users check in online, Google now automatically retrieves the details of the boarding pass.

The boarding pass card on Google Now gives users information such as the terminal number, gate number and the seat number. All users need to do is present the QR code at the gate and voila, you are ready to travel.

Once you arrive at your destination, Google now gives users information such as directions to their hotel, local restaurant, and more making them feel at home wherever you go.

Google unveiled the information on their @Android Twitter account. Google Now for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean gives users access to information such as weather, traffic, hotels, events, packages and more. You can take a detailed look at the features of Google Now here.

The boarding pass feature is available to select few airlines as of now, and there is no information if this feature will be available in India. It will be quite some time before these features are available to consumers in India as the security check doesn’t accept your ticket even if you show it to them on your iPad or smartphone. We are still stuck in the age where a physical printout is required of the ticket to enter the airport.

The feature seems to be similar to Passbook for iOS. Passbook helps users get their boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more all in one place. You can look at the details of Passbook here.

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