Datawind announces results of its software app contest 'AapKiApp'

Published Date
11 - May - 2012
| Last Updated
11 - May - 2012
Datawind announces results of its software app contest 'AapKiApp'

Developers of the Aakash tablet, Datawind has announced results of the Software App Innovation ‘AapKiApp’ contest for their Ubislate series of tablets. Datawind had invited the student community in India to submit their innovative ‘software applications’ for collaboration.

Announcing the results, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Datawind said, ‘We have received a lot of great entries with very creative ideas from across the country. We wanted to engage the creative energy of India’s brightest minds and give them an opportunity to think outside the box to create solutions that add value to the life of an average Indian.”

“The best five applications will get an award of Rs. 1 lakh each, apart from getting a share of the advertising revenue from these applications. This would allow these students to start and advance their entrepreneurial journeys.” added Mr Tuli.

The top five winners (in no particular order) are :

Krishi Ville’, an app for use by Indian farmers which will provide the latest agricultural market data like rates of grains, pulses, seeds and other commodities in local markets; latest weather updates and news related to the agriculture sector at the tap of a finger. It will pull live data from the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) database.

  • Created by Manav Singhal and Nishant Rai from Meerut,

Axon’ , a quiz application for students with questions on mathematics, logic and verbal reasoning at different difficulty levels.

  • Created by Saurabh, Sujay Anjankar, Tanya Tiwari and Umesh Chandani from Nagpur

Release my Food’, an app for promoting healthy eating habits among children. It lets children calculate how many calories and what nutrients they are taking based on their daily food intake. The calculations are based on the Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR) criteria for recommended daily allowances for different age and gender.

  • Created by Kedar Radhakrishnan, Avin Agarwal, Abijeet Waghmare and Najmul Islam from Bangalore

Learn English’ is an app for kids that let them learn a new language and script using finger tracing on the screen with intelligent voice over to guide them.

  •  Created by Rajiv Kaul from Chandigarh

My Jobs’ is an app that uses the database of available vocational jobs all over India and lets people search and apply for jobs online.

  • Created by Hemen Parekh from Mumbai

DataWind recently unveiled the Ubislate 7C tablet, also touted as the retail version of the Aakash tablet. The UbiSlate 7C runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and is powered by a Cortex A8 – 800MHz processor. It has a seven-inch capacitive touchscreen. The device includes Wi-Fi and GPRS connectivity. Optional 3G modems are also supported. In addition to a micro-SD card slot, a full sized USB port is also integrated. The UbiSlate 7C is priced at Rs. 3,999. For more, read Hands On: UbiSlate 7C.