Create your own game with Intel Edison

Published Date
13 - May - 2016
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13 - May - 2016
Create your own game with Intel Edison

First of all, I would like to show my gratitude to Intel, for helping developers like me all over the world. I've found the Intel Edison board to be very powerful for my innovative projects.

In this article I'm going to share my game which I created for the Intel Edison platform.

A couple of months back, during the International olympiad of informatics training sessions, we had to code a bot, which could play with another. In this way the most powerful bot can win this simple game. I thought of implementing this game on the Intel Edison board.

The Game Introduction

There are n numbers in a line displayed on the LCD. (n is even).Two players(you & edison) take turns to take a number from one of the ends of the line LCD Screen until there are no more numbers left. The player with the larger amount of numbers wins.

You might think that, in each move you should select the larger number (greedy approach), but it doesn't work all the time.​So in this way Dynamic Programming was used in my code.

In this game, the first move is done by the user. (I did this because the 'Edison' selects the best possible move at any turn, so there's a big chance that the user won't win if the 'Edison' Made the first move)

Forgot to mention the name of the game, it's Intel Edison :: BrainHack();
Project site :

I created an Instructable, so that you can create your own game. -


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