Cover- an app that unlocks the potential of your Android device's lockscreen

Bored of your default Android lock-screen? Try this Android lock-screen app that adapts and uses your location to place items on a neat looking platform.

Published Date
20 - Dec - 2013
| Last Updated
20 - Dec - 2013
Cover- an app that unlocks the potential of your Android device's...

The great thing about Android is that it allows a lot customisation as well as personalisation thanks to the endless number of apps, wallpapers and themes. We recently bumped into a beta app called Cover which is basically a lock-screen replacement for your Android smartphone.

Cover is a simple and clean looking app which brings in some extra features to your lock-screen making it much more useful. Cover adapts and places your frequently used apps and keeps changing them based on your location and time of the day.

The app can lock onto your location using GPS and switch between profiles like home, work, outdoors and car. According to the different locations and time of the day, Cover places apps in a dock that you are most likely to use and with just a swipe you can launch the app. It even offers a multitasking feature, where by long pressing on your Android status bar a drop-down list appears with your most commonly used apps.

The app runs on Android 4.1 and above devices and is currently available on the Google Play store for US, Canada, and Europe. It is expected to arrive in all regions soon.  One can even grab the installation file and sideload the app on an Android device. Protection Status