City Heist Run for Android lets you play as cop evading bank robbers

This game has it all- running from cop chases, collecting coins for in app purchases, and avoiding roadblocks but the best part is that it's free.

Published Date
04 - Aug - 2014
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04 - Aug - 2014
City Heist Run for Android lets you play as cop evading bank robb...

City Heist Run puts you in an escape vehicle trying to get away from cops after a bank heist. The sole purpose of the game is not to get caught and in the midst of not getting caught, collect coins. The app is beautifully designed and uses the Unity engine for the task. It is a pretty straightforward game until it speeds up and traffic becomes dense. You have to weave your way through the traffic and bollards which will you crash into sooner or later. The game has an intuitive interface and swipe actions are very accurate which is essential in a game like this. The game has powerups like armour for your vehicle and magnets to catch all nearby coins. It also lets you share your achievements via Google’s Play Games app and even shows you global leaderboards. It has 50 level distances to achieve and 28 other achievements like “5 Minutes heist” which you will achieve only when you do a 5 minute run in the game. After a run, the app lets you post your scores on social media websites which you can show-off to your friends. 

All in all we like the game as it was immense fun and the fact that it is free makes it a good install. We like the fact that the game is highly polished and it comes from an Indian Gaming Studio. But we do have one complaint, the game has excessive advertisements and by that we mean you can’t exit the app without watching an advertisement video and a small in app ad always covered the top of the app menu.

The talent behind this game, Underdogs Studios, is based in Mumbai and was founded in 2011 and came into the limelight when it launched an online game for the Bollywood film “Yeh Khula Aasmaan”. Underdogs Studios' niche is flash games and it has developed many games for web portals as well. The devs have made games for many Flash based gaming websites and continue to raise their presence in the app stores for mobile devices. With more than half dozen games in the Google Play Store, Underdogs Studios presence is growing and it looks like it will make a dent in the gaming universe.

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