CES 2013: Lenovo, Bluestacks bring Android apps to Windows 8 machines

Lenovo will be installing the BlueStacks' App Player on its Windows 8 machines, allowing users to run Android software within Windows 8. Apps and SMS sync between smartphones and App Player on the PC is on its way too.

Published Date
08 - Jan - 2013
| Last Updated
08 - Jan - 2013
CES 2013: Lenovo, Bluestacks bring Android apps to Windows 8 mach...

After launching a bunch of Android phones in the market, PC maker Lenovo has decided it is time to bring some integration between the two platforms, and the different operating systems will not be a hindrance. Lenovo has announced the partnership with Bluestacks, to bring the Android App Player to its range of Windows 8 laptops, ultrabooks and desktops.

This is a critical announcement, because users will now be able to access the same Android apps they may be using on a phone or a tablet, on their PC as well via this dedicated software. Bluestacks has said that the ability to sync apps and SMS between the phone and the PC will be launched soon.

"Innovation is vital to leading in the PC world, and we're winning by continuing to push the limits in both software and hardware," said Lenovo's VP of Worldwide Marketing. "Our alliance with BlueStacks puts us in a unique position to offer the most popular games and apps on flagship PC products like the Horizon Table PC in order to give our customers engaging user experiences."

"As the PC market leader and a growing smartphone maker in China, it's huge that Lenovo is implementing our vision of creating a blended experience across smartphones, tablets and PCs," said Rosen Sharma, CEO of BlueStacks. "Consumers want access to all of their apps across all devices. Artificial barriers and silo-ed ecosystems have long been a source of confusion and frustration. The digital world is a celebration of heterogeneous devices. My PC, tablet, smartphone and TV may or may not be from the same brand, but that does not mean that my apps should not work across devices. To take it a step further, my game state and app data should also sync."

It is interesting to note that the App Player was launched exactly a year back. This is the second big partnership for Bluestacks, after the recent tie-up with AMD was announced, again for the cross-platform integration – AMD App Zone, which currently has 500,000 apps.

Lenovo will be implementing the App Player in the Idea-branded Windows 8 laptops, ultrabooks and desktops.

Vishal MathurVishal Mathur