Best Apps to track the Indian General Elections 2014

Check out the top 7 applications that shall keep you abreast and give you everything you need to know about the Indian elections 2014.

Published Date
28 - Mar - 2014
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28 - Mar - 2014
Best Apps to track the Indian General Elections 2014

The general election fever in India commences from April 7, 2014 although the campaigning by the key players has already gripped the nation. This is the first election in the modern decade that has seen the participation of youth to such a large extent. From campaigning and support on Facebook, to following live tweet wars between various politicians; everybody is involved.  With each candidate trying to bring down competition by aggressively using the social platforms, how does one know what is the truth?

Why not use your smartphones and make smarter choices before voting? The android market is known to have an app for anything and everything. So it stands to reason that it has an app for tracking the General elections 2014 too. Listen to speeches, read about the candidates and find out the latest happenings to make your own opinions. This time we do have choices, let’s make informed ones.

Listed below are the top 7 applications that shall keep you abreast and give you everything you need for the elections 2014:

1. INDIAN ELECTION:  The official app from the Election Commission helps you find the polling station closest to your home. The app also lets you enroll your name on the electoral list or find you name for confirmation. Corrections and updates too can be made using this app. Download it here


2. ELECTION WATCH REPORTER: Have a valid complaint against or a party or a candidate? The EWR app lets you register and file it. Each complaint should include a picture, map location, category and description.  Download EWR to make the elections clean and corruption free.


3. ELECTION INDIA: Know about the various party histories, get latest updates on the election front or organize mock votes to gauge results with the Election India app. The app also gives bio-data of the leading candidates. Stay informed, download here. 

4. VOTER REGISTRATION INDIA: If you don’t have your voter id card, worry not. With the Voter Registration app you simply have to fill the form and upload a photo to the app. Your voter id card shall be made within a month. Download it here.


5. INDIAN ELECTION 2014: From 1947 to 2014, get the entire history of the Indian democracy on your fingertips.  Read about parties, know their manifesto and delve into the origins of Indian politics. Get the app to have a detailed knowledge about the system and its origins.

This is an app solely dedicated to provide you the latest results of election across the country. Download the app to stay updated.

7. INDIA ELECTIONS: This is another excellent app for complete knowledge on candidates and updates on election news. It has a wonderful UI and can be downloaded here.

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