Best Android apps for web developers [Guest Feature]

Web developing is no more a desktop business, thanks to Android and lightweight gadgets like tablets and smartphones providing easy mobility and compatibility.

Published Date
09 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
09 - May - 2013
Best Android apps for web developers  [Guest Feature]

Guest Feature*: Android-based smartphones have brought many web development apps for you. It is now easy to frame code and test code from anywhere assuring you get all essential tools required for web development.

Here, are listed some of the best Android apps for web developers:

1. Magic Color Picker

If you are color crazy and want to add life to your web page, none matches the “Magic Color Picker”. With this app, you would choose countless shades through color- wheel. You can create your color schemes in various formats like YUV, HSV, RGB, HSL and hexadecimal. You can also choose your web palette, or sliders. One more good news, this app is absolutely free.

2. AndFTP

This is a JAVA – application that allows you to access the web through mobile. It is compatible with FTPS, FTP, SFTP. You can also download and upload files, you can also rename, create files & folders, delete. Navigation is very easy and user friendly, and yes it is also free of cost. With AndFTP you would be able to transfer files, you can also set up FTP servers by AndFTP.

3. kWS, Android web server

This app implements HTTP 1.0, it is the capacity of hosting most of the file types, and it functions like simple web server. It is a fabulous app for testing your web pages. It is light and fast enough to load your pages in no time, you can work efficiently on your local Wi-Fi connection with kWS Android web server.

4. View Web Source

With this app, you would be able to browse the source file. You have to feed URL, and you would be provided with the page’s source- code that you can copy on your device clipboard and use later whenever required.

5. Word Press for Android

This app will provide you platform to create new posts, view posts, edit content and manage them. Built in notifications helps you to keep updated.

6. Drupal Editor

Just like other CMS, this app is also used to create new posts, edit articles. In this app, the Blog API is to be enabled for the functioning of Drupal editor – app. In case you are running a Drupal site, then enabling becomes a secondary work.

7. Webmaster HTML Editor Lite

This awesome app does a vast job of editing and enables you to work with CSS, PHP and JavaScript, it also has syntax highlighting & code completion.

8. ConnectBot SSh Client

This app is full featured SSH client. It allows you to connect to the web server so that you can transfer files, make changes and can run commands on remote web-host directly from Android.

9. 920 Text Editor

It is the best code editor for Android. It has several eye catching features like multiple file tabs, supports web syntax like HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript, configurable color- coding, session handling.

10. VT View Source

This app is compatible with nearly all browsers and allows you to view HTML. When it is installed you have to share the URL page, VT will open all downloads and display source. You can select your choice of color theme also.

11. MYSQL Connect

This app allows you to connect remote MYSQL database when you are not having PC at your place, and you are in urgency.With a new cell phone in hand, consumers use their phones for apps and for a variety of other purposes. Old, outdated and extensively used phones are of hardly any use to them. Cell phones which are ultimately considered useless as they become outdated and over used become a source of pollution for the environment as they are not disposed properly. In such a situation, e-waste recycling comes to the rescue and prevents environment depletion. Many companies across the United States such as Pacebutler among others, deal with organized e-waste recycling services to end consumers, which serves a valuable purpose.

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