Apple Special Event: Elder Scrolls Blades, HomeCourt AR and Galaga AR coming to iOS 12

The demos aimed to showcase the gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality capability of the new A12 Bionic chipset in the new iPhones.

Published Date
13 - Sep - 2018
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13 - Sep - 2018
Apple Special Event: Elder Scrolls Blades, HomeCourt AR and Galag...

Apple’s new A12 Bionic chipset is the brains behind the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and the so called ‘cheaper’ iPhone XR. Apple showed off many of its features during its launch event, however, the company also demonstrated some of things that the chipset is capable of by inviting notable developers on stage and letting them demo their apps and games.

The first on stage was Todd Howard, Game Director of Bethesda Game Studios. He showcased the company’s upcoming mobile game, Elder Scrolls: Blades running on the Iphone Xs. He highlighted the visual details that gamers will be able to experience, including the in-game lighting effects. He also mentioned precise touch controls and haptic feedback. However, it should be noted that Elder Scrolls: Blades was first announced at E3 this year and will also be available on the iPad and Android as well. Elder Scrolls: Blades will release on iOS later this year.

Next, basketball Hall of Fame inductee, Steve Nash and CEO of HomeCourt, David Lee explained the HomeCourt app. The app works on an iPhone and is able to recognise and track a basketball court, basket, players and the ball. This information is then used to count, chart and track shots, thereby offering real-time stats to players without the need for any sensors to be placed on the body.

The final demo was from the CEO of Directive Games, Atli Mar Seveinsson who showcased the gameplay of Galaga AR for the iPhone. The game is based on the classic arcade game, but instead of a 2D game-space, the game would use Augmented Reality to expand the gaming area around the user. Players are then challenged to shoot down enemies in a 3D space around them. The demo showcased a group of three players gaming simultaneously.

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