Apple not expected to catch-up with Google Maps this year

Published Date
03 - Oct - 2012
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03 - Oct - 2012
Apple not expected to catch-up with Google Maps this year

In this era of smartphones and widespread mobile connectivity, getting lost is something we are not used to. However, this complacence changed, for a large percentage of the world’s smartphone users, in late September.

Apple released the iOS 6 update on September 19, and barring a few hiccups, managed to roll it out successfully, globally. Soon though, the first major problem reared its head, in the form of a glitch-ridden Maps app, developed in-house by Apple, and powered by data from providers such as TomTom.

Bugs in the Apple’s Maps app ranged from minor naming problems, to major geographical errors, with missing cities and jagged bridges some of the more amusing inconsistencies. iOS users suddenly missed Google Maps like never before, and were uncharacteristically disappointed with the fruity giant, and its endeavour in this space.

Last week, we asked you, will Apple’s Maps catch up with Google Maps before year-end? We’ve received 745 responses over the week, and we thank our readers for enthusiastically expressing their opinions!

Responses were quite one sided, with 71 percent (525 readers) choosing the option “No, Google is way ahead in the free maps game.” Only 18 percent (136 readers) felt that Apple would be able to catch-up with the free maps giant, by the end of the year. Rounding it off, 11 percent (or 84 readers), said that it didn’t matter, as Nokia Maps were the best.

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