Apple Music Android update: Now save music to SD card for offline play

Apple Music 0.9.5 update for Android now allows users to save music to their device's SD card for offline playback.

Published Date
04 - Feb - 2016
| Last Updated
04 - Feb - 2016
Apple Music Android update: Now save music to SD card for offline...

Apple Music for Android has recieved a new update called 0.9.5 and looks like it's going to spread some cheer amongst Android users. The recent update released on Google Play Store allows users to download music for offline listning to their SD cards. Tracks can be stored on an Android device's SD card and can be played while the device is disconnected from the internet. This could mean that Android users may have an edge over iOS users, as the maximum storage on an iPhone is 128GB whereas most Android devices have the ability to upgrade storage using a SD or micro-SD card.

Although the Apple Music upgrade states that music is stored on the SD card for offline playback, we could not access it on our Android smartphone using the file manager app. The tracks do not show up as downloads and this is because of Apple's Digital Rights Management protection. Any music downloaded from Apple Music is DRM protected. So, even if you download music for offline playback on Apple Music and then delete the app, all the downloaded tracks will disappear from your device along with the app.

Apple iPhone users already have the ability to save tracks for offline listning. The new update for Apple Music on Android also brings a full schedule of Beats 1 shows. Along with that, Android users will now get the ability to browse My Music by Composers and Compilations, which helps find music on classical albums or movie soundtracks.

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