App of the Week: Smartly.Me

Along with being a tool to discover the best smartphone according to your preferences, Smartly.Me also lets you locate service centers in your city

Published Date
12 - Feb - 2016
| Last Updated
17 - Feb - 2016
App of the Week: Smartly.Me

Considering the number of smartphones that have flooded the market, buying a new one can be intriguing. Even if you’re aware of the latest devices that have made their way into the market, it becomes difficult while picking the best one among the rest. Imagine the situation of someone who is not at all tech-savvy and is looking forward to buying a new smartphone. Smartly.Me makes everything much simpler.

Primarily an app dedicated to recommend you the best smartphone to buy according to your preferences, it also serves you with recommendations for apps and games you should install. At the home page, there are four tabs on the top where the ‘For Me’ section generates a persona score. The score is determined according to a checklist so if you fulfill all of the requirements, you will score 100% under the acquired role. Based on the persona score, you will be given recommendations for apps, phones and games. The ‘Discover’ section is the cream of the app and this is where you’re going to look for your or your friend’s next smartphone. After setting the budget, you can select your preferences for the features that concern you in a smartphone. The Standard mode has broad terms of photography, style, travel etc., and the Advanced mode throws out a highly detailed filter to efficiently narrow down your choice.

Although, it has done a good job in listing down the details and specifications of smartphones, the interface looks cluttered up. The Compare feature is quite useful when you need to cross-check a particular specification with another device that might impact your buying choice. The app lists out upcoming smartphones so it’s essential that they keep updating the list frequently. Another important feature is the service center locator which is the need of the hour. Even when you open up the details about a phone, you’ll be able to directly tap on the service centers of that particular manufacturer near you. Smartphones can be bookmarked into your account, so if there’s a new smartphone releasing, you can keep them in your bookmarks and refer to them whenever you need to compare. It doesn’t do something spectacular in recommending apps and games, but the smartphone recommendations are in fact fine.

Smartly.Me is currently available on the Play Store.

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