App of the Week: Routofy

Routofy makes it easier to plan and book your travel journey using one single app.

Published Date
08 - Apr - 2016
| Last Updated
12 - Apr - 2016
App of the Week: Routofy

When it comes to trips or vacations, you might have to beat your head around in planning the locations you want to visit. It is equally tasking to plan your journey to find out the most affordable and quickest route. Although there are certain services available that you let you plan your activities after you arrive at the location, Routofy lets you the plan the travel journey. This includes searching for cabs, trains and planes, so essentially you’ll be able to plan your journey right from your home to the destination and back.

Other existing services let you book tickets individually for different modes of transport but don’t offer a unified experience to plan a journey involving different modes. Say, if you want a cab to take you to the airport and then after landing take another cab to your final destination, Routofy will let you book the entire journey within the app.

The app has a clutter-free and neat UI to plan your journey. You start off by adding the source and destination first then head over to adding the departure and arrival dates. The Class of travel asks for your preferences for the train and flight class you intend in travelling. After hitting search, the app will throw a long list of travel options including direct routes of trains and flights, followed by options involving multiple travel routes of trains and cabs. With filters, you’ll be able to sort out the search results based on various parameters such as price, duration of journey, departure timings and airlines. Once you’re done selecting your route, you’ll have to fill in the details of every mode included in your journey. So, if you had selected only a single train route, you’ll have to select the cab and train journey, and at the end you’ll have to authenticate the payment.

Routofy is available for Android and also works on web.

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