App of the Week: NowFloats Boost

Build a bare-bones website and sell your products with ease

Published Date
01 - Apr - 2017
| Last Updated
01 - Apr - 2017
App of the Week: NowFloats Boost

E-commerce is not always about the best possible UI and the most fluid customer experience. Before all of that comes visibility, and NowFloats Boost is a service that offers to give your business that in copious amounts. Beyond and above the usual social media presence, NowFloats promises to get your website - and consequently, product - visible in unique search results. Can it deliver on its promises?

Starting off with the app is quite simple. You create a NowFloats ID with your business name and additional details, and the app immediately checks the availability of the domain. If available, proceeding to the next screen creates your website with a ‘’ domain. You can visit your website at this moment to see what it looks like.

Next comes the updates. In the dashboard, the first section you’ll see is the ‘Updates’ section. In this section, you can post text and image based updates regularly with the ease of posting matching that of social media applications. You can also add products, along with pricing and shipping details, in the ‘Product Gallery’ section of the app.

Overall, the appearance of the website is pretty standard. In fact, any NowFloats Boost free website looks pretty much the same. But the important thing here is the visibility - most customers of this app are small to medium stores who have used the app to get regular service and product updates out to their customers. The only thing it insists on - regular updates.

But if you are not too keen on that, you can check out the premium plans. The Lighthouse plan offers you custom backgrounds, five email addresses, up to 550 email subscribers, unlimited photos and most importantly, strong organic discovery. The Wildfire and Dictate add-ons provide inorganic traffic spikes and a dedicated update service respectively.

Give this one a shot if you’re looking to give your small to medium business a boost in visibility.

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