App of the Week: Daily Laws

Stay informed about the everyday laws of the country governing you using Daily Laws - India.

Published Date
18 - Sep - 2015
| Last Updated
19 - Jan - 2016
App of the Week: Daily Laws

We recently came across a really interesting and equally useful app called Daily Laws - India. It’s not quite easy to remember the laws governing our country with hardly any good sources available on the web. The existing sources compartmentalise the information according to the sections on different portals, breaking the seamless experience one would expect. Acknowledging the unavailability of such a service, Daily Laws - India set out to provide all the information on Indian Laws by packaging them inside a beautiful and clutter-free application.

There have already been other apps trying to solve the same problem, but most of them seem to have stopped development. While they do list out all the laws, none of them has a smooth interface to easily navigate around. This is exactly where Daily Laws - India wins. The developers have ensured easy accessibility to all the data within the app while incorporating Google’s Material Design.

To avoid being ruled out as just another app listing all the laws, Daily Laws - India has curated three main parts FIR, Women, and Consumer. FIR explains all the details revolving around when one can file an FIR to who can file one using an FAQ format. It also includes a complaint application template that can be used if the police refuse to file an FIR. The Women segment includes the laws related to women and the details of the various acts involving women’s rights. The Consumer segment provides details on the Consumer Protection Act and the procedure of filing a consumer case against a company along with a complaint format. The homepage of the app has another part titled as Other that goes on to further list out other segments such as Anti-corruption, Transport, Students and a few more.

The Bare Acts tab packs all the chapters and parts from the Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Act and Constitution of India. The developers have done a neat job of presenting the data, giving you better readability. You can bookmark the chapters that you regularly refer to and they will appear in the Bookmarks tab in the menu. Sections can be searched from the Search box, but you can only search using section numbers. Text from the chapters can be directly shared from the app to other apps so you can email and also send the desired chapter through WhatsApp or other services.

Daily Laws - India offers its users a clean interface for people searching for certain sections from say, the Indian Penal Code. The app lacks the feature to search content from the chapters using text and only supports search through section numbers. This becomes a big hurdle to the users who are looking for the details of a particular law but are completely unaware about the section number. Daily Laws - India works offline and you’ll be able to access all the content without any Internet connection.

We will surely be looking forward to the new features Daily Laws - India can introduce in their future updates. One important update that we would like to see is the capability of text search as mentioned above. The app can use another section listing out the laws restricted to certain states, owing to the conflict between state laws. The various laws can be further dumbed down similarly like the three existing sections. New segments can include details on something like traffic laws, cyber laws and more. Daily Laws - India is currently available only on the Play Store.

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