Android Instant Apps now supported on over 500 million devices

Google launched support for Android instant apps during Google I/O in May 2017. On August 17, Google has confirmed that about 500 million devices are using Android instant apps since it launched.

Published Date
18 - Aug - 2017
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18 - Aug - 2017
Android Instant Apps now supported on over 500 million devices

Android instant apps is a nifty feature that allows users to ‘test’ an app before downloading it entirely. The consumers can simply access an app that they would not usually install on their device, however, still be able to use it. Users can simply click on a link or an ‘Open App’ button on a website, which offers instant apps, to immediately begin using the app without installing it in its entirety. This is also a great way for developers to introduce their apps to consumers as a test or demo. Users can later decide based on their experience whether they want to install the full version of the app or not.

Google announced the reach of Android Instant Apps to over 500 million devices on their blog and said that many developers have started deploying instant apps. One of them is Vimeo, the video streaming platform. Vimeo was one of the first to roll out an Instant App. Since then, they have observed an increase in session duration by 130 percent. Another company based out of Berlin, Onefootball, provides real time news, scores, fixtures, results, tables and stats on football. By using instant apps, they have increased the number of users who read and share their content by 55 percent.

According to Google, “using Android Instant Apps, users can experience a single feature of an app without having to install the app with all its other features. When users request a feature from an instant app, they receive only the code necessary to run that specific feature, no more and no less. After users have finished using the feature, the system can dispose of the feature's code. For example, a map instant app can expose each of its features as a discrete entity within the app. Users can download and use just the location finder feature, just the restaurant guide feature, or just the share feature. Once users switch to another app, the system can safely remove the feature's code”.

The Android Instant Apps provide an easy way for consumers to use an app without installing it entirely along with a way for app developers to reach out to more users and showcase their apps in a way that is convenient to users and also generates leads, increases user retention, number of users and daily access along with increasing revenue.

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