Amazon rolling out "Brief Mode" for Alexa to make her talk less

The Brief Mode feature lets Alexa confirm commands via chimes and sounds instead of a verbal "OK."

Published Date
19 - Mar - 2018
| Last Updated
19 - Mar - 2018
Amazon rolling out “Brief Mode” for Alexa to make her talk less

Amazon is trying out a new ‘Brief Mode’ for its Echo lineup of devices. As the name would suggest, the feature lets Alexa confirm commands via chimes and sounds instead of a verbal “OK.”  The launch of the mode was first spotted by Reddit users, with many claiming that they got the option to turn on the feature a few days back. However, it seems like Amazon is still in the process of rolling it out to all users. A company spokesperson told Gizmodo that the option will be available to all users, but the company didn’t specify a time. The Brief Mode should be pretty handy for those who use their Echo speakers to control their IoT devices, but dislike the verbal confirmation they get everytime they issue a command. 

Earlier this month, it was reported that Alexa is getting new features to make conversations more fluid. Called 'Follow-up' mode, the aim of the new feature is to reduce the need for the user to keep saying ‘Alexa’ every time they wanted to issue a command. It would do this by continuing to listen to a conversation for five more seconds after a conversation has ended. Users would also get the option to cut the conversation short by saying “thank you,” or “stop.”

Alexa is available on Amazon’s Echo range of speakers in India. However, Coolpad recently announced that it was integrating Alexa in its smartphones in India. The Coolpad Note 5 and the Play 6 are confirmed to get the update.

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