A Skyrocket Story

Published Date
11 - Jul - 2016
| Last Updated
12 - Jul - 2016
A Skyrocket Story

“Playable poetry”

“John Evelyn manages to pull off something that most developers dream of accomplishing in their career: telling the a unique story with multiple meanings. He achieves this goal effortlessly and brilliantly.”

- Gaming Medley

When the British artist John Evelyn set out to create a game that would bring his whimsical artwork to life he turned to the Intel® XDK. As an man of many talents, John Evelyn, has combined his own artwork, music, and development knowledge to create an engaging experience, something akin to poetry in motion.

John was able to find a couple minutes in his busy schedule this week and answer a couple questions about his experience with the Intel® XDK...

Why did you choose the Intel® XDK when it came time to develop your game?

I had read some other developers experiences using the XDK and it sounded really promising. The possibility of genuine cross-platform development with minimal additional workload was what drew me in.

Like any designer I'm always on the hunt for tools that can fit into my workflow without disrupting the creative process. Making games is challenging enough without the technical fire-fighting it can sometimes involve!

I set some time aside to try out the XDK. To my surprise I had a tech demo running on my Android phone within an hour of getting the XDK software installed on my pc. That, combined with being pleasantly surprised at how well my, at that time, massively unoptimised game demo performed meant I knew I'd found something that would work for me.

What was your favorite thing about developing in the Intel® XDK?

Strange as it sounds, my favourite thing about the XDK was what a small amount of time and effort it demanded of me. Producing iOS and Android versions of my game with it was seriously straight forward. That allowed me to dedicate my energy and attention to making the best game I could.

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