A 3D app for the act of Kamasutra

Want to master the ancient arts of lovemaking? Well, there is a 3D app for that!

Published Date
16 - Apr - 2013
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16 - Apr - 2013
A 3D app for the act of Kamasutra

A 3D app is in the works that showcases the various positions of the Kamasutra. The app has 3D visuals of all the positions. Each position can be seen from all angles, which gives users a complete view of the positions diagram.

According to the Guardian, “The free app comes with a new version of the text, which is based on ancient Indian Hindu philosophies and is believed to have been written about 2,000 years ago.”

The app is called Kama Xcitra and promises to help couples master the positions and bring them closer together. Hazel Cushion, managing director of publisher Xcite Books told the Guardian, "For more than 2,000 years couples have turned to the Kama Sutra for advice and guidance on how to have a fulfilling love life. But some of the more challenging positions, like the Prone Tiger, the Catherine Wheel or the Peg, have left readers a little baffled. That is until now."

The app comes with 69 positions from the Kamasutra. The app also allows users to customize the appearance of the models on screen by changing their hair colour, skin colour and adding the ability to add a soundtrack.

As of writing this story, the app isn’t visible on the Google Play store or the Apple app store, but there are a plethora of apps available under the Kamasutra search tag.

Source: The Guardian


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