6tag released as first legitimate Instagram client for WP8 devices

Though it may not be the official Instagram client, 6tag is most definitely the next best thing for Windows Phone 8 users.

Published Date
22 - Aug - 2013
| Last Updated
22 - Aug - 2013
6tag released as first legitimate Instagram client for WP8 device...

The lack of an Instagram client has been the bane of Windows Phone’s existence and while the creators of the app refuse to appease the Windows Phone lot, not all hope is lost. Rudy Hyun, a very well-known developer on the WP platform has released a fully functional Instagram client for Windows Phone 8 called 6tag.

The app has been in private beta testing for quite some time, originally being dubbed 6tagram, has finally become available through the Windows Phone Store. The app is available for free and provides full access to Instagram, being the first (and only) app on Windows Phone that uses all the legitimate APIs. Besides being able to see your feed, you will also be able to post images (with effects) and videos. Unfortunately, if you want to get rid of the ads, you are going to have to shell out $1.29 to do so (in app) and if you want full video upload capabilities, then that will cost you another $1.49.

The app includes all the standard Instagram filters one may be used to on an Android or iOS device. The best thing about the app is that it is also compatible with all 512 MB RAM devices, which is great as some of the new apps tend to be compliant only with the 1GB RAM devices. If you want to download the app on your Windows Phone 8 device, you can do so from right here.

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