500px app returns to Apple's iTunes App Store, with a few tweaks

500px was recently removed from Apple's iTunes App Store due to pornographic content, but now the app is back with a few changes.

Published Date
30 - Jan - 2013
| Last Updated
30 - Jan - 2013
500px app returns to Apple's iTunes App Store, with a few tweaks

The 500px app is now back on the iTunes App Store. The app has come with a few changes that are targeted at inappropriate content. The app has been updated with a “report” button for those that wish to flag content on the app. 500px also has a mature content warning before a user can access what photographers call “a work of art”.

The 500px photo-sharing app is now rated in the iTunes App Store as meant for ‘17 and over’ users. Once logged in, users still have access to a “Nude” category of pictures, once enabled from the 500px website.

500px's mobile apps, 500px and ISO500, were removed from Apple’s App Store on January 23, citing support for nude photo search in the photo-sharing app. Both the apps combined had over one million downloads from the App Store at the time of removal. You can read the details of that story here.

Apple’s issue with the 500px app was that it gave users easy access to nude photos. Access to these photos hasn’t been removed; it’s just been highlighted so that a user doesn’t stumble upon it accidently. Pornography is a strict no in Apple’s iTunes App Store. This doesn’t discount the fact that a person using an iOS device can access pornographic websites through Safari.

Recently, Vine made its way into iTunes App Store and allows users to create video clips six seconds long for sharing to the masses adrift on the internet. #porn was one tag that was searched quite a bit and the results were plentiful. You can catch the complete details of that story here.

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