“The notion that AI will be so smart that it will take over our lives. At the end of the day, AI is just a tool. Pretty much like the shovel or kitchen knife, it can be used both in good ways and bad ways. But what we shouldn’t forget is that the responsibility will always be with humans. So if an AI goes wrong, we have to find the people behind it and punish them, and not necessarily the technology on the front.”
Sebastian Thrun,
CEO of Kitty Hawk Corporation, and chairman and co-founder of Udacity. He’s a German-American computer scientist.
Myth 1
MariaGrazia Squicciarini
Chief of Executive Office and Director a.i., UNESCO
“The biggest myth about AI is that it’s a black box – it’s not. No matter how sophisticated the AI algorithm designs, they can be changed, adjusted and continuously refined. So AI isn’t something that we can’t do anything about, because we retain control on how we shape its future.”
Myth 2
Calum Chace
Speaker, Best-selling author of Surviving AI and The Economic Singularity
“Most people have no idea about the importance of the current exponential growth in technology. Forget about smart AI, there’s this idea that we’re already in the fourth industrial revolution, which I think is absolutely not true – we aren’t even in the subset of an industrial revolution. What we’re at the beginning of is in fact the information revolution, which started around the 1960s, and it’s going to have a bigger impact than the agricultural or the industrial revolution.”
Myth 3
Alex Zhavoronkov
Founder and CEO, Insilico Medicine
“Biggest myth about AI is that it’s dangerous and it’s surpassing humans and human intelligence. Don’t get me wrong, AI can outperform in many human tasks like image, text and voice recognition, so in these assistive technologies AI will be a great helper to humankind. AI will never be dangerous, I don’t think it will ever acquire consciousness, and malevolent use of AI will be only controlled or limited by the human mind.”
Myth 3
Majid AlShehry
Official Spokesperson, Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority
“AI is going to take away all of our jobs, AI is dangerous, and that AI wouldn’t help humanity to have a better life!”
Myth 4
Geir Engdahl
CTO and Co-Founder of Cognite
“Today, there’s a lot of hype around AI, and a lot of solutions marketed as AI are actually quite simple linear regression models and scripts. Apart from a tiny core of impressive AI out there, but a lot of it is just hype and marketing and really not all that exciting, to be honest.”
Myth 5
Heidi Sampang
MD, Philippines Flying Labs
“You have to be good in math to excel at AI, or you need to be amazing in science to master the nuances of AI. If AI learning models are designed intelligently, with intuitive use at its very core, then I think everyone can be a potential expert at learning how to apply AI across different fields.”
Myth 6
Those were the myths on AI