Top affordable wearables on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 17 Mar 2021 16:22 IST
Top affordable wearables on Amazon India
Top affordable wearables on Amazon India

Wearables such as fitness bands and smartwatches can be quite expensive, making the purchase unfeasible for some. However, with a lot of brands coming up with well designed wearables at affordable prices, this technology is now accessible to a wider audience. One common notion that comes with slightly cheaper wearables is that they may not necessarily have all the important features but this is not always true! Here's a look at some affordable wearables that will not dent your wallet but still come with all the regular features you'd expect.

Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi Smart Band 5 is an affordable device that does not compromise on the features it offers. For starters, it comes with a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen that displays colors brightly, allowing you to access your data in the daylight with ease. This wearable is equipped with the Personal Activity Intelligence, a system that displays all your pertinent data in a single matrix. The Mi Smart Band 5 also tracks your fitness and performance across 11 different sports, making it a versatile option for sport and fitness enthusiasts. It promises a battery life of 14 days on a single charge.

NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid Smartwatch

The NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid SmartWatch lets you switch between digital and analogue mode, making it a good option for working professionals who can't wear flashy gadgets to office. The device has a 1.22-inch touchscreen that displays mechanical hands to show the time. Once you tap the touchscreen, you can access various apps such as the sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, footsteps counter, and more. It also lets you check your messages and calls. You can also customize the face of the watch as per your mood and outfits.

Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 is a decently good-looking fitness band that comes in four different colors like Coral Pink, Meteorite Black, Midnight Navy and Olive Green. It has a small 0.94-inch AMOLED touchscreen display which can display the weather, time and the number of footsteps you take. A really cool feature that comes with this band is the SpO2, which monitors the oxygen level in your bloodstream and lets you know about fluctuations in the same during workouts. With a 24-hour heart rate monitoring system in place, it lets you know when you are really pushing yourself during exercises.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 has an impressive user-friendly feature that automatically detects when you start working out and immediately starts tracking your performance across various metrics. It tracks your heart rate, calories burned, time taken and more for five different sports, which should improve your user experience. Moreover, it can track exercises like elliptical training, rowing, dynamic workout and even swimming, as it has a water-resistant body. This fitness tracker sports a sleek 1.1-inch AMOLED display and a battery that is claimed to power the device for 21 days straight on a single charge. And guess what, you get all these efficient features at a budget-friendly price, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts on a tight budget.

Oppo Band Style

If you are an avid swimmer and like to track your performance during your swims, then this affordable smartwatch should interest you. The sleek body of this device has earned it a 5ATM waterproof rating, which makes it suitable to be used for deep-water swimming up to the depth of 50-metre. Apart from this, this device can track your performance in 11 other workout activities like outdoor run, indoor run, fat burner, yoga, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, elliptical, rowing, cricket and badminton. It tracks your heart rate, distance covered, calories burned and more. You can also connect the device to your Android smartphone and manage calls, notifications and more right from your wrist. In terms of battery performance, you can expect around 12 days of claimed backup on a single charge.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Here is an affordable wearable that tracks your health metrics across nine different sports modes and has a large square-shaped display to improve your user experience. It sports a 1.3-inch colour touch display, which reads actions like taps and swipes, making it easy to perform tasks on this device. This wearable helps track your complete health metrics in activities like walking, running, hiking, biking, working out, climbing and more. Moreover, it comes with an IP68 rating, which means the device is resistant to dust and water. This should enable you to use it even in harsh outdoor conditions as well. Finally, it delivers a battery backup of 10 days under optimal use on a single charge, making it good for frequent travellers.

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