Four low-cost fitness trackers on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 25 Nov 2020 16:02 IST
Four low-cost fitness trackers on Amazon India
Four low-cost fitness trackers on Amazon India

When working out, it is crucial to have important information shown to you at a glance. This helps you plan your workout better and make it all the more effective. A budget-friendly fitness band is a way to go if you want your workouts to feel more effective. Be it running, walking, swimming, hiking or anything else, these fitness bands will track it all. Investing in a full-fledged smartwatch with all the bells and whistles is a bit expensive, so check out these four low-cost fitness trackers which you can find on Amazon.

Mi Smart Band 5

Here is a fitness tracker which comes with a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen to show all the workout information at a glance. This display information includes a heart rate counter, step counter, calories tracker, GPS tracking for when you’re hiking or jogging and more. In total, the Mi Smart Band 5 can keep track of up to 11 activities. The Smart Band also uses a feature called PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), which keeps a tab on your overall health level by checking your age, weight, height and other factors. The fitness tracker has a claimed battery life of up to 14 days on a single charge.

HONOR Band 5

The Honor Band 5 is a smart fitness tracker which comes with SpO2 technology for tracking blood oxygen levels, which in turn gives you better information on how your body reacts to workouts. The smart band is water-resistant up to 50m deep, making it a good pick for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. The display on the band is a 0.95-inch AMOLED display to show you workout information in all sorts of lighting conditions. You can also customise the display to give your band a personalised touch. You can also control your workout tunes right from the band so that the exercise routine is unhampered. 

Mi Smart Band 4

The Mi Smart Band 4 comes with a sleek one size fits all wristband, which is comfortable for all workout activities. The smart tracker can track a range of exercises, including running, cycling, hiking, gymnastics, and especially swimming. The band automatically detects your swimming style and has 12 detailed data points for tracking vital information. The Mi Smart Band 4 is powered by a 20-day battery backup. Sleep, step, calorie and other activity data can be viewed in detail in the Mi Fit app, which is available on Android and iOS, making it easy to get the most out of your workouts. 

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Smart Band

The Galaxy Fit2 Smart Band is a band that tracks more than 90 types of activities. If you mix your workout with different types of activities and exercises, then this band will keep a check on it without a hitch. The dynamic workout tracker keeps a check on all your vitals throughout the day. The 24/7 heart rate monitor is great for keeping stress at bay. The band also lets you check notifications and gives you quick responses that you can use right from your wrist. The Galaxy Fit2 Smart Band can be equipped with a range of stylish bands for you to add a bit of your personality into it.

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