Fitness smart bands with AMOLED displays on Amazon India

By Alvin Andrew Cabral | Published 26 Nov 2020 14:06 IST
Fitness smart bands with AMOLED displays on Amazon India
Fitness smart bands with AMOLED displays on Amazon India

Everybody’s living life in the fast lane in today’s world and only few have the time or energy to stay fit the traditional ways. By contrast, people have become more health conscious than ever and obsess over various fitness and exercise parameters and statistics. Hence the popularity of fitness bands, which primarily track how much activity you’ve done (like walking) and how well you do it, but also measure other basic parameters like one’s heart rate. AMOLED displays for the bands are better than OLED displays because of their diodes’ faster reaction speed and higher contrast levels, thus giving the wearer a more detailed and clearer display. Let’s look at four fitness smart bands with AMOLED displays available on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Smart Band

Slim and elegant, what is definitely unique about the Galaxy Fit2 is that it has a groove along the strap to prevent sweat accumulation. It recognizes five different exercises, including walking/running, the rowing machine and the elliptical trainer, automatically tracking exercise time, heart rate, calories burned, etc. It even tracks the quality of your sleep and stress levels accurately. The UI on the band is user friendly, allowing common settings to be accessed even during workouts.      

Mi Smart Band 5

This band runs on hassle-free magnetic charging and has a full-touch screen. It recognizes and tracks 11 different sports, including walking/running, the treadmill, the exercycle, the rowing machine, the elliptical trainer and yoga. Its 24 hour heart rate and sleep monitors track both your REM sleep and your midday naps. The PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) feature gives you a weekly goal that you should try to achieve. Besides stress monitoring, it also tracks a woman’s menstrual cycle, giving her alerts with early reminders. 

Honor Band 5

The Honor 5 has all the standard features that can be associated with a fitness smart band. It comprehensively tracks the data on both your aerobic and anaerobic training sessions and, of course, your heart rate. Its built-in six-axis sensor recognizes the four basic swimming strokes and calculates your SWOLF score (a basic measure of your swimming efficiency). Another standout feature is its SpO2 monitor (which measures your blood oxygen saturation levels). Lastly, it gives you alerts for your calls, messages, WhatsApp, etc.

Mi Smart Band 4

The Mi 4 has a tempered glass top full-touch display and can run up to 20 days on a single charge. Aside from its Daily Activity and Swim trackers and its heart monitoring feature, it sports the Enhanced Mi Fit Interface, which allows you to customize your workouts and track your vital metrics. Other pluses include its call, message and calendar notifications, its location and weather tracker, and smarter music controls so that you can enjoy your workout all the more fruitfully.

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