Fitness bands that can be worn while swimming or in the shower on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 14 Jun 2021 12:31 IST
Fitness bands that can be worn while swimming or in the shower on Amazon India
Fitness bands that can be worn while swimming or in the shower on Amazon India

These days, having a smart fitness band is a must, not just for workout enthusiasts but also for almost everyone. These trackers help keep track of your vital information, ad act as an extension of your smartphone. Some fitness bands come with water resistance, making them ideal for wearing all day, even in the rain or in the shower. These fitness bands can even be used to track your swimming activity, which is quite handy if you’re looking to improve your performance in the pool. So, here are some fitness bands that can be worn while swimming or in the shower, which you can find on Amazon.

OnePlus Smart Band

When it comes to smart fitness bands, few have a feature set like the OnePlus Smart Band. It can resist 5ATM pressure and is also IP68 certified. Using this band, you can effectively and efficiently track your swimming workouts, see the calories burnt and time your laps as well. Apart from that, it has a range of other tracking features for other workouts - in the gym or outside. The band can effortlessly detect what you’re doing and give you precise metrics about your activities. Incidentally, you can also use this as an extension of your smartphone, meaning you’ll be notified when you get a call or a new text. For the price, you get a sturdy and effective fitness tracker. 

Mi Smart Band 5

Here is a highly affordable smart band from Mi, which has made a reputation for producing high-quality products at a reasonable price, and the Mi Band 5 is no different. It offers 5 ATM water resistance, making it ideal for swimmers. It can track the number of laps you take, how deep you went, calories burnt, and heart rate, all of which are vital information when you’re swimming. The smart band also takes care of other activities as it can detect a range of exercise types and give you the on-screen information required. The smart band is also highly customisable, meaning you can mix and match it according to your style. It also extends the functionality of your smartphone, making it ideal for a range of uses. 

GOQii Vital 4.0

The GOQii Vital 4.0 is an all-in-one activity tracker and fitness band with smart device features, all in a sleek, stylish package that doesn’t look out of place even on slim wrists. In addition to the built-in heart rate monitor, which tracks continuous heart rate and step tracker, it also measures Blood Oxygen (SpO2) and body temperature. It has music control, multiple custom watch faces, find my phone feature, stopwatch, timer, raise to wake and inactivity alarms. It IS IP68 Water/Dust resistant certified, which makes it suitable to wear in 1.5m deep fresh water for up to 30 minutes. So, you may use it to track your swimming activities. With up to 17 exercise modes and real-time data display, you’re all set to break records and achieve your health goals.

OPPO Smart Band with Extra Sport Strap

Here’s a smart band that blends functionality with style. It comes with a unique design, with a metallic side case, which goes well with a range of outfits. It is 5ATM water-resistant and packs in a 1.1” AMOLED screen, which displays Intense colours, high resolution, and large dimensions, making it a treat for the eyes. Knowing you'll want to wear OPPO Band all the time, it is protected by a curved layer of strengthened, scratch-resistant 2.5D glass. The SpO2 sensor tracks the variability of oxygen levels in your blood. SpO2 can be monitored even as you sleep. It can also provide you with sleep duration and sleep stage records. With better sleep, you'll wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the world. 

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