Best smartwatch with in-built GPS on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 15 Mar 2021 20:34 IST
Best smartwatch with in-built GPS on Amazon India
Best smartwatch with in-built GPS on Amazon India

A smartwatch with built-in GPS not only lets you track your runs, steps taken and analyse other such metrics but also help you map out your runs efficiently. If you are looking for such a smartwatch, here are four of the best smartwatches with built-in GPS, which you can buy on Amazon. Note that these products have been selected based on their listed features.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

Here is a premium smartwatch with built-in GPS from Garmin, which is ideal for all the runners out there. To start with, the GPS smartwatch can crunch out some serious running metrics like cadence, stride length, ground contact time balance, vertical ratio and much more, when used with any of the Running Dynamics Pod or HRM-Run or HRM-Tri monitors (sold separately). Apart from that, you can use the GPS to find new routes in your neighbourhood, suitable for your evening runs. The smartwatch also tracks the VO2 Max in your body, which essentially gives you an idea about how your body is reacting to the changing heat or altitude. This feature can come in handy, especially when you are travelling to high-altitude areas. In terms of battery life, it offers six hours of power when both the GPS and music are turned on and otherwise gives seven days of power under optimal conditions, as claimed by the brand.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is Apple’s toned-down version of its smartwatch series and is one of the most comprehensive smartwatches on the market in its segment. It comes with a good set of features, including tracking, analysing activities, showing you notifications, mapping your location via GPS, and keeping a check on your sleep activities. The smartwatch is a must-have for iPhone users as it notifies you of incoming messages and calls and can also be used to enhance the functionality of your smartphone. The 1.57-inch OLED screen is vibrant and shows you the information in a colourful and engaging way.

Amazfit GTR 2e SmartWatch

Fitness enthusiasts are in for a treat with this smartwatch. It has a range of tracking abilities, a long battery life, and an informative display- things that go a long way in enhancing the smartwatch’s usability. The display shows vital information regarding your fitness activities- it tracks jogging, cycling, hiking, and a range of other workout modes. The company claims it can identify more than 90 types of workouts. The smartwatch comes with a 1.39-inch always-on AMOLED screen, which means that you’re always a glance away from important information. 

Garmin Forerunner 45

Users who are looking for a comfortable workout companion on their wrist should check out the Forerunner 45. The watch is built around the idea of letting you make the most of your workouts – it comes in a lightweight design, tracks a range of activities, a comfortable strap, and software tuned to show you the information you need. On the side, it also comes with a dedicated start/stop button to time all your workouts. It can check activities such as running, cycling, indoor track, treadmill, elliptical, cardio, yoga and more, and give you detailed information via the smartphone app. The 1.04-inch display allows you to make the most of the GPS functionality of this watch too.

Apple Watch Series 6

This is one of the best smartwatches that you can buy right now – if you have a budget to match. It has similar features to the Apple Watch SE but sets itself apart by giving you access to blood oxygen levels and a dedicated ECG application. So, not only is this smartwatch good for fitness enthusiasts and those who want to keep track of their health, but also for those with medical conditions. Incidentally, the smartphone tracks your location – meaning you can use it for navigation, mapping routes and more. The watch comes in a set of stylish bands, which you can use to personalise your experience. 

Huami Amazfit GTR

Here is a smartwatch with GPS functionality that comes at a rather pocket-friendly price. It has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, a long-lasting battery with a claimed life of 24 days and a stylish look. The smartwatch is good to use as a fitness tracker or as a personal assistant. Since it works with iOS and Android smartphones, you can use it to do a range of activities. The GPS tracker ensures you are always on the right track and also tracks your outdoor workouts. The watch is also water-resistant up to 50 meters, allowing you to take it on a swim.

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