Best Smart bands to buy on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 14 Oct 2021 12:53 IST
Best Smart bands to buy on Amazon India
Best Smart bands to buy on Amazon India

A smart band can motivate you to stick to a healthier lifestyle by helping you monitor your daily activity and workouts. Apart from monitoring activity stats, smart bands can also sync with your phone to relay calls, emails, alerts and other reminders to your wrist. Due to the increase in demand, many well-known brands are launching smart bands and we have shortlisted the best of the lot so you don’t have to research for hours to find the perfect smart band for yourself.

OnePlus Smart Band

This smart band allows you to remove the main tracker to switch straps and flaunt different looks easily. You can also pick your desired theme from the 14 available options and customise it further. It packs a monstrous battery that can last up to 14 days! You can monitor vitals like blood oxygen levels, heartbeat, and sleep patterns using this smart band and monitor your progress efficiently. It can also perform on-demand daytime checks and provides detailed insights including all the factors. It achieves this through the OnePlus Health application (for Android and iOS smartphones). You can stay on top of all your notifications like calls, emails, messages, and even control your playlist using the OnePlus Smart band! This 5 ATM water-resistant band is IP68 certified so you can head out wearing this band as it can handle reasonable amounts of water and dust with ease. It weighs approximately 23 grams so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it throughout the day! 

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

If you love sports or are an athlete then you might want to lay your hands on the Mi Smart Band 6 which has the world’s first running track-inspired display. The 50 percent larger 326 PPI AMOLED screen (1.56 inches) enables you to observe everything on the screen comfortably and quickly. The band has a width of approximately 15 mm and can automatically track various sports and activities throughout the day. You can stay on top of all notifications like messages, emails, alerts and event reminders using the Mi Smart Band 6. You can swim along with it or wear it in the shower as it is water-resistant (5 ATM). It has an awesome magnetic strap-on charger that can be kept on the charging port without any annoyances! You can monitor your stress levels, sleep cycle and menstrual cycle with ease and accuracy. It weighs nearly 12.8 grams and has dimensions 1.9 centimetres x 4.8 centimetres x 1.2 centimetres so it doesn’t feel like a burden even if you wear it every day!.

OPPO Smart Band

Here’s yet another smart band for those curious watch-lovers who love to own an eye-catching watch. This smart band by OPPO fuses two classic styles (metal buckle and rubber strap) so you can flaunt it wherever you go! It lets you keep a tab on several important health-related metrics SpO2 levels, heart rate (real-time monitoring), fat burnt, steps taken, and much more on a single interface! Its 1.1-inch colour AMOLED screen can fit all the notifications in one place for quick access and is protected by curved scratch-resistant glass. You can even get weather reports, alerts and notifications related to messages, calls or important tasks. It is water-resistant and can last up to 12 days on a full single charge when used moderately. It doesn’t end here as OPPO went one step further and added an extra strap with the watch so you can alternate between the two straps and style your outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) down to the last item!

Fitbit Inspire 

The Fitbit Inspire is a compact smart band that provides all-day tracking of your activities. Be it checking your step count, heart rate, workout-related statistics or sleep quality, FitBit does it all. You can get detailed insights and know your body at a deeper level by observing vitals through this smart band. It can even keep track of your menstrual cycle, calories burnt and effectiveness of workouts. You can also avail guided coaching for workouts, compete with friends and even celebrate milestones with the Fitbit Inspire. The watch can last for 5 days after a single full charge and also displays notifications after you sync it with your phone. It can help you stay on top of calls, emails, alerts, important events and much more. Last but not least, it is water-resistant to 50m of depth which makes it a great swimming companion.

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