Best looking smartwatches for women on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 22 Apr 2021 17:42 IST
Best looking smartwatches for women on Amazon India
Best looking smartwatches for women on Amazon India

These days, there are loads of smartwatches to pick from. For women, smartwatches need to be sleek and stylish while offering a host of different functions. These smartwatches not only need to be an extension of your smartphone but also work as efficient workout partners, and in general, they should help you get more out of your smart devices. Smartwatches for women need to be a statement in style and technology, so check out some of the best looking smartwatches for women on Amazon. 

SHOPEVOLVES NextFIT Bluetooth Smart Watch

Here’s a smartwatch with a full touch display, exquisitely crafted from single piece aluminium mould, along with a 1.55-inch widescreen. Certain other key features include all-day heart rate tracking, along with on-demand blood oxygen and blood pressure measurement. Intelligent algorithms make readings more accurate. It also packs in sleep duration and sleep stage tracking. For fitness enthusiasts, it comes with multiple sports modes with step, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt tracking. For those looking to use this as an extension of their phone, some other features include – remote music control, remote camera control, stopwatch, alarm, weather info and even calling. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Bluetooth + LTE, 44 mm) 

If you want a versatile smartwatch with loads of top-end features for a range of use cases, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the perfect pick for you. It has a host of watch faces that you can choose from, in a 44mm screen, bezel size. It has 24/7 Activity Tracking with 4 stage sleep, activity with continuous HRM & stress monitoring. Together, all these features combine to give you a top-notch smartwatch experience. It also comes with LTE so that you can stay in touch while on the go. Especially in crowded areas, the LTE function will be pretty handy. Incidentally, you can also mix and match watch faces and straps to suit your style. 

CrossBeats Ace Metal Smart Watch 

Everything you need on a smartwatch comes loaded on the ACE in its full touch large 1.3-inch LCD display. Loaded with 8 multisport games and fitness activities trackers, CrossBeats smartwatches are ideal fitness watches for women providing versatility in the workout regime for any and all occasions. Precise tracking and in-depth display of calories burnt and health analysis lets you understand your workouts better. The ACE is a fully waterproof smartwatch that is built to endure elements. Apart from that, it has a stylish design that users are going to love and add personalisation with the help of the many watch faces to choose from. 

New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm)

The Apple Watch 6 is well known as one of the best smartwatches on the market for good reason. It has an always-on 44mm screen and bezel size, which is good enough to display vital information at a glance. The smartwatch comes with a sporty band and even sportier features that make it a pleasure to wear no matter what you’re doing. It tracks a host of outdoor and indoor workout activities that ensure you’re keeping a good check on your body. It also has blood oxygen level tracking, which is quite handy if you want a health checkup from your watch every now and then. Overall, the watch is a must-have for all iPhone owners. 

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