Best health trackers for fitness enthusiasts on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 20 Apr 2021 14:30 IST
Best health trackers for fitness enthusiasts on Amazon India
Best health trackers for fitness enthusiasts on Amazon India

If you are searching for the perfect daily companion to keep you informed, active, and on your feet, then a fitness tracker is a non-negotiable accessory. Fitness trackers not only perform the functions of a pedometer but also track your heart rate, sleep pattern, pulse, and other important vitals. Here is a list of the best fitness trackers available on Amazon, which are both functional and pocket-friendly!

MAGBOT Bluetooth Wireless Smart Watch Fitness Band

The MAGBOT Bluetooth Wireless Smart Watch Fitness Band is a good fit for those fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an inexpensive smart band that will help them track their heart rate, sleep pattern, calorie count, call notifications. It’s equipped with features such as alarms, calendar access and access to messages. One cannot make a call from the band but can receive notifications. It is waterproof and works only after the application is installed and synced to the band via the application. It can be worn by men and women alike and is light and easily portable.

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR is an intelligent fitness tracker that comes with a good battery life that lasts for \ nearly seven days. The smart track auto-exercise recognition feature results in quick and automatic logging of workout. The reminders provided by the tracker serve as motivation for one to meet his or her daily fitness goals. It comes with interchangeable bands and features such as Pure pulse, heart rate check, auto sleep tracking, call, text and calendar alerts and a responsive tap display. The syncing happens wirelessly, but an application has to be installed from Google Playstore or iOS App store.

Rhobos D116 Intelligence Bluetooth Monitor

The Rhobos D116 Intelligence Bluetooth Monitor is a multifunctional smartwatch used to monitor calories, sedentary reminders, sleep, and features like a pedometer, music player, alarm clock, and calendar. The watch does not require charging up to three days, according to the brand. The smartwatch comes with a large 1.3-inch screen and is responsive to even slight touch. It is compatible with all smartphones, and the sports tracking mode offers detailed statistics. It has an always-on reflective display that helps one see the screen even in broad daylight.

ABYAT Smart Band Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band Monitor

This skin-friendly fitness band has an OLED screen with a 128 x 80 resolution. Its sedentary reminder will gently vibrate to remind you to undertake some physical activity. The watch is capable of identifying the stage of sleep that you are in via heart rate monitoring. It is waterproof and can monitor one’s heart rate in real-time. One must download the application on the smartphone to access all the features that the smartwatch has to offer. 

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