Basic wearables that can track female menstrual cycle and ovulation phase on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 20 Jan 2022 11:34 IST
Basic wearables that can track female menstrual cycle and ovulation phase on Amazon India
Basic wearables that can track female menstrual cycle and ovulation phase on Amazon India

When you reach menstruating age, regular tracking of your menstrual cycle becomes important to ensure good menstrual health. Also, when you are trying to get pregnant, knowing when your ovulation starts and tracking the ovulation phase proves to be helpful. Although it is possible to track the menstrual cycle and ovulation phase manually, having a smartwatch is more convenient as it works as a digital tracker. All you have to do is enter your menstruation date and get regular and discreet reminders about when your period is due and when your ovulation starts. Read below to know more about some basic wearables that you can buy from Amazon and keep track of your menstrual cycle and ovulation phase.

Huawei band 6 smartwatch

This Huawei band 6 smartwatch comes with a high capacity battery that can last up to 14 days on a single charge. The smartwatch allows you to easily navigate your menstrual cycle calendar and provides discreet reminders about your periods. It gives you all day SPO2 tracking with the in-built SPO2 detection system so that you can ensure that your oxygen levels are in the safe range. The TruSeen 2.0 heart rate monitoring technology helps you keep track of your heart rate, which will help maintain an optimum fitness level and give you alerts if the heart rate goes too high or too low. With TruRelax stress monitoring, you can track your stress levels and use the built-in breathing guide to induce relaxation.

OPPO smart band

This OPPO smart band comes with an appealing design that features an extra metallic belt which allows you to enjoy two different styles in a single wearable and flaunt your look while also having an efficient device to track your menstruation and ovulation. The 1.1 inch AMOLED display comes with a scratch-resistant design that gives you a clear image while protecting your watch face from unwanted scratches. With the 5 ATM water plus dust resistant design, the smart band becomes suitable for a pool, shower, or even at the beach, making it a device ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It gives high compatibility by supporting both Android and iOS devices. This band’s in-built workout and fat burn modes make it a great fitness partner. 

Noise colorfit pulse smartwatch

This Noise colorfit pulse smartwatch features more than 60 cloud-based watch faces that allow you to personalise the look of your watch by changing the watch face according to your preference. Apart from tracking your menstrual fitness, this smartwatch also helps you keep a check on your overall health. It monitors your heart rate and SPO2 levels and proves to be a great wellness partner. You get 8 sports modes to choose from to track your progress and maintain an optimum fitness level. With automatic sleep tracking, it keeps you informed about your sleeping and waking up time, encouraging you to follow a healthy sleep routine.

B.REBEL watch 1.0 smartwatch

This B.REBEL watch 1.0 smartwatch comes with a 3D curved screen that gives you a large display enabling you to view your stats in better image quality. It has a red optical heart rate sensor that gives you real-time monitoring of the heart rate while exercising so that you can lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. The SPO2 function tracks your SPO2 levels continuously. With IP68 waterproof technology that comes with excellent sealing, the watch is water-resistant, allowing you to use it while swimming or showering. You can also control your social media or the music and camera of your phone through this device. Women can enjoy a hassle-free tracking of their menstrual cycle and ovulation phase without remembering the dates. The device will give reminders based on your last date of menstruation. 

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