Affordable fitness trackers for those who work out on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 15 Jan 2021 17:17 IST
Affordable fitness trackers for those who work out on Amazon India
Affordable fitness trackers for those who work out on Amazon India

Affordable fitness bands have been a blessing for fitness enthusiasts as they can now take their game to the next level by keeping track of how their body reacts to the exercises they perform. With features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, multiple sports modes, waterproof builds and more, you can get a lot in a fitness tracker nowadays without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for something similar, then here is a comprehensive list of four affordable fitness trackers to choose from. Note that all these products are available on Amazon and have been selected based on their listed features.

Mi Smart Band 4

The Mi Smart Band 4 is an affordable fitness tracker that has an impressive battery backup, enabling you to use it for multiple days, without worrying about charging it from time to time. As per company claims, it gives a battery performance of 20 days, under optimal use, on a single charge. It tracks your performance across six different modes, including swimming, thanks to its waterproof body, as claimed by the brand. It comes with a 5ATM waterproof build, which means that you can use it underwater at a depth of 50m, according to the brand. Furthermore, you can control the music on your smartphone, manage notifications, change watch faces and check the readings with ease, thanks to the full-touch AMOLED display the band has. Finally, it monitors your heart rate 24x7, enabling you to get an idea about how your heart reacts to the different activities you perform throughout the day.

Honor Band 5

If you are a fitness enthusiast who goes on adventure treks regularly, then the Honor Band 5 should interest you, as it possesses a SpO2 monitor as well. This affordable fitness tracker checks the oxygen level in your bloodstream, for the rise in altitude, thus giving you an idea about when to rest and go easy while you move to a higher altitude. Apart from this, it analyses your sleep cycle and lets you know if you need to make any changes. You can use it in multiple sports modes, and this enables you to get accurate data points, specific to the activity you are indulging in. For example, in swimming mode, it can determine the swim stroke you use and then give data points based on that. Finally, you can manage music, calls, notifications and volume of the sound output, with the help of the touchscreen.

Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi Smart Band 5 is an impressive fitness tracker as it packs in long battery life, a host of fitness features, GPS and even water resistance. The battery on this smart fitness tracker claims to last up to 2 weeks on a single charge. For fitness enthusiasts, there are features such as the step counter, calorie counter, heart rate monitor – all of which allow you to get the most out of your workouts. The 1.1-inch vertical display manages to show you a whole lot of information at a glance. It can even be an extension of your smartphone, as it showcases incoming calls and notifications on your wrist. 

Fitbit Inspire

This one is a simple, lightweight smart band with only one purpose – to be your very own fitness trainer. It comes with a host of fitness related features, some of the most important ones being a step counter, a heart rate monitor, hourly steps, active times, types of activities, trend tracking, and lots more. The band has a claimed battery life of about five days, which may not seem like much, but the band gets a lot of work done using the battery. Using the app on the phone, you can sync the band and gain more insights into your workouts. It also comes with water resistance for swimmers. If you’re looking for something functional as well as stylish, this one is a good pick.

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