Water purifiers that can dispense hot and cold water on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 17 Jul 2021 10:38 IST
Water purifiers that can dispense hot and cold water on Amazon India
Water purifiers that can dispense hot and cold water on Amazon India

If you want cold water, you open up the refrigerator. If you want hot water, you probably warm it up in an electric kettle. But there is another way to have both hot and cold water at the same time. Yes, it is possible, and it is through water purifiers! These water purifiers won't only help purify your water but also ensure you can have hot or cold water at your convenience. If you are looking to buy this kind of water purifier, make sure that it features a robust, built-in purification system and a sturdy build so that it can dispense water for years down the line. Here are a few good water purifiers options on Amazon that can dispense both hot and cold water: 

Bepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier 

The Bepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier has a reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane. Whereas the reverse osmosis membrane eliminates the dissolved impurities, the ultrafiltration membrane removes colloidal particles, bacteria, and viruses. Both of these membranes help ensure that the water is free from any possible contamination. It also has an in-tank ultra-violet system that disinfects the water, leaving no stone unturned in making the water pure, healthy, and safe. It also enables you to get both hot and cold water from the same source. It can dispense hot water at a temperature ranging between 80-90 degrees while dispensing cold water at temperatures ranging between 15-20 degrees. It also has smart LED functions that indicate whether the tank is full and whether the water is under purification or being heated. Apart from this, some of its other notable features include an 8-stage filtration system and an activated carbon filter.     

AO Smith Z9 Green RO 

The AO Smith Z9 Green RO features an 8-stage purification system that ensures not even a single suspended dust particle makes its way into your water. It is powered by Mineralizer technology that essentially adds minerals back to the water. This doesn’t only help make the water pH-balanced but also gives the water a fresher and more natural taste. Its Advance Recovery technology can recover more water when it runs through the filter, ensuring minimal wastage. The AO Smith Z9 Green RO works on a double protection system, where the water first gets purified by RO followed by purification with the Silver Charged Membrane technology. At the press of a button, it can dispense both hot and cold water for maximum convenience. It also has a Night Assist function that lights up the purifier at night, making sure you can locate it even in the dark.   

A.O. Smith Z1 Water Purifier 

The A.O. Smith Z1 Water Purifier works on a 5-stage filtration system. This includes the pre-filter, sediment filter, silver-activated post carbon filter, UV Lamp, and UFSS (for hot water only). This intricate web of filters and lamps help in ensuring that you can enjoy fresh, pure, and healthy water. It comes with an advanced UV lamp, a non-chemical and disinfectant technology that helps dispense clean drinking water. The A.O. Smith Z1 Water Purifier comes equipped with a digital display that indicates basic information along with a night assist function that helps you locate the purifier in the dark. It also dispenses hot and cold water with a single touch and features a UV life alert. This function gives you an indication as to when the UV lamp has to be changed.    

CUCKOO Fusion Top Nano Water Purifier 

The CUCKOO Fusion Top Nano Water Purifier has a 5.2-litre stainless-steel storage tank. It allows you to enjoy hot and cold water anytime and comes equipped with a 5-stage filtration system as well. This includes the sediment filter that acts as the first line of defence and removes particulate matter from the water. This is followed by the pre-carbon filter that weeds out the remaining impurities and the Alkaline Mineralizer filter that adds minerals back to the water, including calcium and magnesium. Finally, it passes through the Nano Positive filter that eliminates up to 99% of contaminants, such as heavy metals and algae. Some of its other prominent features are a child lock that prevents any accident and a detachable faucet that allows you to clean it easily without hassle.     

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