Smart water purifiers with RO and UV filtration on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 23 Feb 2021 10:02 IST
Smart water purifiers with RO and UV filtration on Amazon India
Smart water purifiers with RO and UV filtration on Amazon India

When it comes to buying a water purifier these days, you need to check for several features to ensure that you get the ideal results in the best possible manner. To start with, it should have both RO and UV filtration systems in it, so that you can enjoy consuming safe water with a good taste to it. Furthermore, it should have smart features such as energy-saving modes, LED light indicators and so on to further improve your user experience. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have curated a list of four smart water purifiers with RO and UV filtration that you can buy on Amazon. Note that all these products have been selected based on their listed features.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amaze

Here is a smart water purifier from Eureka Forbes that boasts of having multiple smart features, along with RO and UV filtration, which should deliver pure water. A handy feature of this RO is that it consists of a long-lasting cartridge, which should ensure that you can consume safe water for a longer duration. Furthermore, it consists of a large 7L water storage tank, which makes it ideal for the needs of a medium to large family. Also, it uses an intelligent energy-saving system that automatically turns off the purifier when the tank is full. Finally, you can easily mount the water purifier anywhere you want in the kitchen as it comes with a wall-mountable design.

Faber Galaxy

Here is a smart water purifier from Faber that uses a 7-stage filtration system (RO+UF+MAT), which ensures that every drop you drink is safe and sweet, as per company claims. Thanks to this advanced purification system, you can enjoy drinking water that is safe from biological, physical and chemical contamination to a large extent, as claimed by the brand. Furthermore, it uses the Copper Guard Technology, which should prevent the fouling of water for more extended periods. Moreover, it uses a special Mineral Additional technology that adds back the essential minerals such as copper, calcium and magnesium to the water, as per company claims. Finally, it comes with an efficient energy-saving feature that automatically detects when the tank is full and turns off the purifier immediately, as claimed by the brand.

V-Guard Zenora

Here is a smart water purifier from V-Guard that has both RO and UV filtration to make it ideal for Indian water conditions. In fact, it uses a 7-stage filtration membrane to deliver clean and mineral-rich water, as per company claims. Moreover, the company claims to treat water with TDS up to 2000ppm, which means it can clean water from borewell, tanker and regular municipal water. Furthermore, the 7-litre storage tank enables you to store a lot of clean water at the same time. Another impressive feature of this purifier is the smart LED indicators that it has, like purification on, tank full, low-pressure alert and more, which helps improve the user experience.

HUL Pureit Copper+

Here is a water purifier from Hindustan Unilever Limited that claims to deliver 100% safe water. In this purifier, you get two purification modes – regular RO mode and a Copper RO mode. When used in the latter mode, it eradicates the harmful viruses and bacteria, as claimed by the brand. Additionally, it adds essential minerals like immunity-boosting copper to the water, which further improves the quality of the water. Moreover, the water purifier uses a 7-stage filtration process that consists of major stages like RO+UV+UF+MF, which should give additional purity to the water, in terms of biological, physical and chemical factors.

Aquaguard AquaSure Smart Plus

Here is a water purifier from Aquaguard with various smart features and both RO and UV filtration, making it a user-friendly product. To start with, it has an advanced taste adjuster, which improves the taste of incoming water to deliver an ideal taste to the water. It has other smart features too such as an inbuilt voltage regulator, and multiple smart LED indicators and claims to deliver an energy-efficient performance. This 6-litre water purifier also uses a membrane life enhancer to improve the life of the membrane by preventing the scaling of magnesium and calcium. 

Faber Galaxy Pro

If you are looking for a water purifier with a large water tank and an advanced filtration system, then the Faber Galaxy Pro is a good option to consider. Thanks to the 6-stage filtration system that consists of both RO and UV filtration membranes, you should be able to drink water that is free of bacteria and is rich in minerals. Moreover, the 7-litre storage tank ensures that you need not use the purifier every now and then. You can simply store the water and use it when you want. It has a smart energy-saving mode, which automatically turns off the purifier when the storage tank is full. Finally, the stylish design of the purifier should make it a good fit for more modern households. 

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