Efficient water purifiers with 8-stage purification on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published on 28 Jul 2021
Efficient water purifiers with 8-stage purification on Amazon India
Efficient water purifiers with 8-stage purification on Amazon India

One of the most important appliances that every household should have is a water purifier. While there are tons of models and brands in the market, finding the perfect one can be a herculean task. But, to make sure you don’t spend hours surfing and finding the perfect one, here’s a list that reviews some of the best purifiers with 8-stage purification you can buy on Amazon.

AO Smith Z8 Green RO Water Purifier

AO Smith Z8 RO is a mountable tabletop water purifier with a capacity of 10-litre water storage and 8 stages of purification for clean drinking water. Its power consumption is 60 watts, and the operative input voltage is 150-300V AC 50Hz. AO Smith claims that its mineralised technology (MIN-TECH) adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the water so that the water is balanced and tastes fresh. You can enjoy purified mineral water at two temperature choices, 45°C and 80°C, so you can use it for making a quick cup of tea, preparing baby food, soaking cereals, soothing sore throats, etc., without waiting for the water to heat up! Last but not least, this purifier is also designed to complement modern kitchens and offices so that you won’t lose out on the style quotient with this purchase! 

Aquaguard Aura RO Water Purifier

The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura RO has 8 stages of purification with a high water storage capacity of 7 litres. Aquaguard’s patented Active Copper technology provides the goodness of copper in the water by infusing it with the same while purifying it. The copper-infused water can help strengthen the metabolism and keep the body healthy. It can purify the water by removing hardness, pesticides, heavy metals and eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa and cysts. The company claims that the UV E-boiling technology ensures that every drop of water is healthy as though it was boiled for up to 20 minutes. You will need a booster pump for the proper functioning of the purifier in case your inlet water pressure is less than 0.3kilogram/am square. 

V-Guard Zenora RO Water Purifier

The V-Guard Zenora RO water purifier has a world-class RO membrane, NextGen Uv chamber, mineral balancer and several other unique features which make it one of the best purifiers in this price range. It can treat water with a (TDS) of up to 2,000 ppm. V-Guard claims you can treat water from borewells or tankers as well, as it has been developed keeping Indian households in mind. It has LED indicators to indicate the status and an intelligent design which ensures greater durability. Its advanced RO membrane provides a wider surface area so that the water can flow easily and also helps in removing heavy metals and microbes with higher efficiency. The water won’t touch any metal while purifying the water, thanks to the UV chamber’s glass channel! Moreover, the 8 stages of filtration make sure the water is pure and tastes natural.

Remino RO Water Purifier

If you are looking for a purifier that can balance the pH of the water and infuse it with Copper as well, then this one might be a good choice for you. The Remino RO water purifier uses the Bio+ Alkaline 3-in-1 Active copper filter, which provides you with pure, copper-infused water with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a 12-litre capacity and an auto shut off feature that turns off the purifier when the tank is full. The company claims that it can remove 95% to 98% TDS (it can treat water with a TDS of up to 3000 ppm), thanks to the 8-stage filtration that includes advanced reverse osmosis, mineral guard technology, and advanced taste adjuster. So you can enjoy pure water that doesn’t lack in taste or minerals.

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