Commercial RO water purifiers with 50 litres per hour capacity on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 22 Jul 2021 15:03 IST
Commercial RO water purifiers with 50 litres per hour capacity on Amazon India
Commercial RO water purifiers with 50 litres per hour capacity on Amazon India

For commercial spaces, the water requirement is significantly higher than regular homes. The best practice is to use hygienic water for all purposes, and in a commercial or office environment, only something with a large water capacity can fulfil that requirement. Several commercial-grade RO purifiers feature up to 50 litres of water purification in an hour, making them highly efficient and optimal for catering to a large number of people. So, if you want large quantities of safe drinking water, then it is ideal to invest in a commercial RO with 50 litres of water purification capacity per hour. Here are some good options you can get on Amazon. 

Remino 50 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant

This is a pretty functional RO water purification system for commercial use cases. It can sustain 50 litres per hour water delivery, which ensures that it is fit for use in commercial spaces like a factory’s shop floors, schools, offices, etc. The purifier comes with a double purification system and a TDS adjuster, which helps further purify the water and rid it of salinity. The TDS filter, along with the other purification systems, are efficient and effective as the RO itself has a fast purification rate. Using a 5 stage filtration system, the purifier ensures that the water you get is safe and healthy. 

AquaDart 50 LPH Commercial Ro + Uv Protection RO Water Purifier Plant

This one packs all the right features which make a commercial purifier capable and useful. It packs in several filters, and water purification methods to ensure all contaminants and bacteria from water are removed. It features a 5-stage water purification process that includes an inline PP filter, an active granular carbon filter, an active carbon block filter, an RO filter, and a carbon UV filter. Furthermore, it can effectively manage high TDS levels of up to 3000 - ridding the water of additives and purifying it to give you clean and safe drinking water. 

Aquadpure Stainless Steel Body 50 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant

For those that want a water purification system that will last long, here is the ideal pick. It sports a stainless steel design that is sturdy and rugged, along with all the latest water purification technologies. It features 50 litres per hour pure water delivery, which is ample for office spaces with a number of workers. It is vital to uphold hygienic practices in the office, and this RO helps you achieve exactly that. With its multi-step filtration system and high TDS management system, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible water no matter the source at your place of work. 

Hydroshell 50 LPH Commercial RO water purifier Plant

If you’re looking for the ideal water purification system for offices and commercial zones where the water demand is high, this RO system should help. It is a quick and easy solution to all your water requirements in the office space. It can 50 litres of clean water delivery per hour, and the water is treated through several stages of filtration before it is delivered to you. To be precise, it takes water through 5 stages of purification, ridding it of impurities seen and unseen. It also cuts down on the TDS level of the water itself and enriches it with beneficial minerals that enhance the taste and quality.

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