Washing machines with high spin speed for fast drying on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 16 Dec 2021 17:58 IST
Washing machines with high spin speed for fast drying on Amazon India
Washing machines with high spin speed for fast drying on Amazon India

Investing in a machine with a higher spin speed can be very beneficial as it will help reduce the drying time. It helps thoroughly wash clothes and allows clothes to dry faster, especially during winters. If you have been on the lookout for some efficient washing machines with high spin speed but don’t know which ones to pick, then this list might come in handy.

Samsung Washing Machine, WD80T604DBX/TL

Samsung’s fully automatic washing machine comes with the best-in-class dryer that helps dry clothes faster during every wash cycle. It has a capacity of 8 kg and is suitable for large families with up to 6 members. Its diamond drum and Eco Bubble technology ensure that all the clothes are washed gently and thoroughly, leaving no stains. This front-loading machine has a powerful motor under its hood that can attain spinning speeds up to 1400 RPM, ensuring less drying time. It has 22 wash programs that can easily cater to all kinds of clothes like woollen, cotton, silk, denim, etc. It also has a hygiene steam wash that gives the clothes a deep and hygienic cleaning using steam to get rid of germs and bacteria. Last but not least, its digital inverter technology ensures long-lasting performance and noiseless operation without consuming excessive energy. 

LG Washing Machine, FHM1207ADL

The LG FHM1207ADLFHM1207ADL is a fully automatic front-load washing machine suitable for families of up to 4 members. It has a capacity of 7 kg and has a BEE rating of 5 stars as it delivers best-in-class efficiency. The machine can attain spin speeds up to 1200 RPM, so you can dry your clothes faster. The machine features 10 wash programs to wash different kinds of clothes. It uses the 6 motion direct drive technology to move the drum in multiple directions to wash the fabrics gently and thoroughly. You can use the child lock, time delay, quick 30, baby care, smart diagnosis (SmartThinQ App can diagnose up to 86 errors) and various advanced features to make every day washing easier. The motor is attached directly to the drum, which reduces noise, vibration, and wear and tear. Last but not least, it has a heater that can heat water up to 60°C to remove tough stains.

Bosch WAJ28262IN

The Bosch WAJ28262IN is an 8 kg fully automatic washing machine. This front-loading machine has a BEE rating of 5 stars and is ideal for large families. It can ensure hygienic wash that can remove 99.99% bacteria (as claimed by the company) and deliver clean clothes with every wash. The machine features 15 wash programs that allow you to customise the wash cycle for different kinds of fabrics and also has an anti-tangle function that prevents the clothes from tangling with each other and getting damaged. The machine can spin at speeds up to 1400 RPM for quick drying. The reload function allows you to add clothes even after starting the wash cycle. The anti-vibration side panels reduce noise while operating and keep the vibration to a minimum. The Vario drum is tough on dirt yet gentle on the fabric, so the clothes remain new for a longer period. 

IFB Senator plus SX

The IFB Senator Plus SX is a fully automatic washing machine with a front-load design. It has a capacity of 8 kg and an energy rating of 5 stars (BEE rating). It can spin at speeds up to 1400 RPM for faster drying and has 14 wash programs so that you can wash different kinds of fabrics without any hassles. The machine’s pulsator-type drum has a crescent moon-shaped cast lined on the inner surface, creating a gentle water cushion for the clothes to absorb shock and prevent fabric damage. The 3D wash, multi-position program encoder, self-tub clean and other useful features ensure smooth and easy operation. Its filter treatment dissolves the detergent for a gentler wash, while the revolutionary wash system uses dynamic water jets and showers from paddles to soak the clothes thoroughly. Last but not least, the Auto Tub clean reminds you to run the self-clean program after 40 wash cycles.

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