Large capacity top load fully automatic washing machine on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 22 Feb 2021 18:24 IST
Large capacity top load fully automatic washing machine on Amazon India
Large capacity top load fully automatic washing machine on Amazon India

When pondering over washing machines, note that both top-load and front-load machines have their pros and cons. However, top load machines are easier on the back and are also simpler to use as they have a conventional model type. Consumers with top loading machines rarely have to deal with mould growing in the tub, unlike users with front-load machines. They also often go easy on the pockets. To help you find the right one for your needs, we’ve curated a listed of four large capacity top load fully automatic washing machines that you can get on Amazon. Note that these products have been selected based on their listed features.


The LG THD11STB Machine comes with a six-motion control technology that moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while cleaning the clothes. The machine does not have a belt and pulley system, instead, it comes with the BMC motor protection that ensures a quiet and stable operation by holding onto the motor tightly. The machine has a maximum rotational speed of 780 rpm. The machine features the Smart ThinQ Wi-Fi technology which lets users wash and operate the machine from anywhere in their home as long as they are connected to the internet. The Smart ThinQ app also lets users diagnose the machine’s problems easier to find out what is going wrong in the event of a breakdown. The machine has a stainless-steel drum, which should ensure the elimination of bacteria, germs and rust, making it more durable. The machine features a steam wash which easily sterilises bacteria and removes dust mites, and pet and pollen allergens from the clothes, according to the brand. It also features a Tub Clean technology which thoroughly sterilises both the inner and outer tub. The machine also has a child lock feature that prevents your child from tampering with the settings. The auto-restart feature keeps the machine on track even after a power outage and lets it continue where it left off after regaining power. It also has a jet spray for washing off the dirt and excess detergent. The inverter technology on the machine detects the load placed in the machine and optimises the speed of the rotations, saving power and making it safer for the machine too. The in-built heater feature heats the water as per the selected wash program.

Samsung WA90T5260BY/TL

The Samsung WA90T5260BY/TL is a top-load fully automatic 9kg washing machine that runs on the Wobble technology, ensuring your clothes are washed gently, without the twisting, tangling and knotting of clothes. The soft-curl diamond drum design should protect your clothes from damage when they hit the walls. The 5 water level features make sure that the device uses as little water as possible, with the company claiming that it doesn’t use over 28 gallons per cycle. Thus, its energy-efficient performance has earned it a 5-star energy rating. With 9 wash cycles, namely aqua preserve, delicates, eco tub clean, energy-saving, jeans, normal, quick wash, rinse + spin, and super clean, the Samsung WA90T5260BY/TL should be suitable for all types of clothes.

Panasonic NA-F80LF1HRB

Here is a top-loading fully automatic washing machine from Panasonic with a large capacity of 8kg, making it ideal for a family of four or more members. It has eight different wash programs, namely, Normal, Jeans, Bulky/Heavy, Delicate, Quick, Air Dry, Tub Clean and Eco. You can choose the ideal option for the type of clothes you need to wash and how soiled they are. To further give you the best wash, the machine uses the Fuzzy Control technology to adjust the water level as per the load of clothes to be washed. 

Samsung WA16N6781CV/TL

This top-load fully automatic washing machine from Samsung has a large capacity of 16kg, which should be ideal for a family of four–five people. It uses the Wobble technology which cleans clothes with pulsating motions, preventing any tangling or knotting up of fabric. The washing machine has a 5-star energy rating as it uses less detergent with its magic dispenser feature, and also lowers carbon-dioxide emissions during operations. The aqua preserve feature allows it to use less water to clean your clothes, adding to its promise of being energy-efficient. With multiple modes such as quick wash, intensive wash, delicate wash and super clean wash, this washing machine should be able to handle different fabrics.


Here is a top-loading fully automatic washing machine from IFB with a large capacity of 10.5kg. With such a big capacity, you should be able to use the machine for washing clothes of more than four people. It has 12 different wash programs, which you can choose according to the fabric of the clothes. Moreover, it has an inbuilt heater system that dispenses hot water into the drum to wash heavily soiled clothes. It has a low tower filter that captures lint and other dirt particles to prevent them from going into the drainage and make it an eco-friendly operation. 


Here is a top-loading fully automatic washing machine with a large capacity of 10kg to make it ideal for a large family. This LG washing machine also delivers an energy-efficient performance and has a 5-star energy rating to go with it. With multiple wash programs, you can get the ideal wash for all kinds of clothes. It uses the main pulsator along with three mini pulsators, which the company claims to come in handy to deliver the ideal wash, especially when there are tough stains. Another impressive smart feature of this washing machine is the smart diagnosis system, which identifies the problems or errors in the machine’s working and notifies you of the same via the Smart ThinQ app.

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