Fully automatic top load washing machines for a small family on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 17 Feb 2021 18:27 IST
Fully automatic top load washing machines for a small family on Amazon India
Fully automatic top load washing machines for a small family on Amazon India

A top-loading washing machine is perfect for a small family. You can load your dirty laundry from the top of the machine and yank it out the same way, making it convenient to operate. Top loading washing machines are also more efficient in water usage, power consumption, and drying your clothes. However, selecting the right washing machine can be a bit of a task. To make it easy for you, here’s a list of some of the best fully automatic top load washing machines for a small family available on Amazon.


Here is a fully automatic top loading washing machine from LG with a capacity of 6.2kg, which should be ideal for a small family. It uses a smart inverter motor system that adjusts the energy consumption based on the required power, as per company claims. Furthermore, the motor used in it has a corrosion-resistant design with BMC Motor Protection surrounding it completely. The washing machine uses a powerful turbo drum in which the drum and pulsator rotate in opposite directions to remove even the toughest of stains, as claimed by the brand. The Tub Clean feature sterilises the interior and exterior of the tub after every wash so that your tub doesn’t smell bad. Finally, it has a smart diagnosis system, that can diagnose problems in the machine and give you instant alerts via the SmartThinQ app so that you can call for help as soon as there is a problem.

Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL

Here is a budget-friendly fully automatic top loading washing machine from Samsung that should be good for a small family as it comes with 6.2kg capacity, which should be good enough for a small family. The drum used in this washing machine has diamond-shaped bulges, which create enough friction to remove the hard stains on your clothes, as claimed by the brand. It uses a magic filter that easily removes all the dirt from the water during the washing process, as per company claim. It has a feature called Air Turbo, which rotates the drum rapidly, which should result in reducing the drying time. Finally, it has an intuitive LED display and a slanted control panel, which should improve your user experience while using it.

Haier HWM62-AE

Here is a fully automatic top loading washing machine from Haier that has a Bionic Magic Filter, which filters the lint produced by clothes to give you an efficient cleaning process, as claimed by the brand. This 6.2kg washing machine should be ideal to meet the needs of a small family. It has a Pre-Coated Metal cabinet, which means it is coated with rust-free alloys, protecting the machine from corrosion, as claimed by the brand. The washing machine has a Balance Clean Pulsator that allows the equal mixture of water and detergent to get a balanced wash. It also has a smart feature called Fuzzy Logic that determines the wash environments and adjusts the settings accordingly to give you the desired results, as per company claims. Finally, it has a child-lock feature, which, when turned on, will not accept any commands even if your child accidentally presses a button on the control panel, thus preventing a possible technical mishap.

Godrej WT EON 620 A Gp Gr

Here is a 6.2kg fully automatic top loading washing machine from Godrej with a contemporary design that should easily fit in with any modern household. The low capacity of the washing machine should make it ideal for a small family. It uses a special i-wash technology that automatically selects one of the available five wash programs based on the clothes you are washing to give you the best wash, as claimed by the brand. The Turbo 6 Pulsator has six ridges on it to create a more turbulent environment, which should result in an efficient cleaning and drying process. Finally, it has an auto-restart feature that restarts the washing machine right where it stopped in the event of a power cut-off.

Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This offering from Whirlpool is just what you need to get your clothes as good as new. The washing machine features a versatile range of features including 12 washing modes, daily washing, heavy washing, delicate fabrics, whites, hard water wash, eco wash, woollens, bed sheet, rinse + spin, spin, and wash only. These modes should cater to all kinds of dirty laundry you might have, no matter the size. Additionally, 6 Sense Technology lets the machine figure things out for itself and ensures better mixing of hard water and detergent, which results in better washing without detergent stains.

Panasonic 8 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If you are looking for a washing machine that is good for large loads of laundry, then this washing machine from Panasonic has got you and your family covered. It has a capacity of 8kg, making it a suitable pick for small and even large families. The machine comes with a 680rpm motor which ensures quick drying of clothes. It also goes through several washing cycles and mixes hard and soft water with detergent to give your clothes that new look. To remove tough stains and dirt from your laundry, it has a powerful washing cycle. A few other unique features include an, LED display, tempered glass door, all of which together are said to deliver great washing.

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