Best Semi-automatic washing machines for bachelors on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 26 Oct 2021 19:01 IST
Best Semi-automatic washing machines for bachelors on Amazon India
Best Semi-automatic washing machines for bachelors on Amazon India

If you’ve decided to invest in a washing machine but feel unsure about buying a semi-automatic washing machine then this article might help make up your mind. If you are a beginner and want to slowly ease into using washing machines then semi-automatic washing machines can prove to be a great purchase. These are less expensive and give you more control over the wash cycle. We have curated a list of the best semi-automatic washing machines for bachelors to make your search easier.

LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, P6510NBAY

This LG washing machine gives users control of the wash cycles so they can rewash the clothes, add them at a later stage, or soak them for a while in the 6.5 kg washing tub. The dryer has a capacity of 5.5 kg and can rotate at speeds up to 1300 rpm. Using a semi-automatic machine proves to be economical, as it uses less water and energy than a fully automatic machine and this one has got a 4-star energy rating. Be it jeans, delicate clothes or any other fabrics, the three wash programs - gentle, normal and strong - have you covered. You won’t have fibres sticking to the machine’s pipes as the lint collector detaches and gathers them in one place while washing the clothes.  Features like collar scrubber, lint collector, unidirectional wheel and rust-free plastic base make it easy to use, efficient and highly portable. 

Whirlpool Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, SUPERB ATOM 7.0

This semi-automatic washing machine by Whirlpool has 3 wash programs (Delicate, Normal and Heavy) so you can wash all kinds of clothes. Its Deep Wash system uses an impeller to give more space to the clothes for cleaning in the 66 L washing tub. This way, it uses less water for gently yet thoroughly washing the clothes by rubbing them against each other. The 340W motor under its hood can roll the clothes in all directions (at speeds up to 1400 RPM). Whirlpool has equipped it with a waterproof control panel and 4 wheels which ensure shock-proof usage and easy portability. It has an auto-restart feature, end of cycle buzzer and soaking technology so you don’t have to check on the machine every two minutes. You can use the scrub station to quickly scrub the collars before moving them to the dryer or putting them in the washing tub. The machine is available in various colours so you can pick the one you like the most. 

LG 8 Semi-Automatic, P8035SGMZ

Here’s yet another washing machine by LG that has some additional features and greater capacity to accommodate the needs of a large family. It has a rust-free body and a collar scrubber so you won’t have to move away to clean the collars of your favourite shirts. The lint collector gathers all the fabric particles so they don’t stick to the pipes. The washing tub has a capacity of 8 kg and the dryer has a capacity of 6 kg. The machine has an energy rating of 5 stars from BEE. The motor can spin clothes up to speeds of 1300 RPM for thorough washing and you can pick between Gentle, Normal and Strong and Soak wash programs depending on the clothes in the laundry. The Roller Jet Pulsator scrubs and rolls clothes with added friction to remove dirt and grime. Other features like auto restart, 15 minutes wash timer, 10 minutes spin timer, wind jet dry and spin shower help in quick and efficient washing of clothes.

AmazonBasics Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Yet another machine that can help you in dealing with the endless pile of laundry quickly is the AmazonBasics semi-automatic washing machine. With a washing capacity of 10.2 kg and a drying capacity of 4.6 kg, it can fulfil the needs of a large family with up to 6 or 7 members. It has low water and energy consumption. With spinning speeds up to 1300 RPM, it can quickly dry your clothes (30 to 40% faster than normal drying). It has a waterproof and shock-proof control panel with chrome knobs on the dial and silver handles that enhance the style and look of the machine. The transparent lid offers a clear view of the clothes inside so you can keep an eye on them while washing. Features like the buzzer, castor wheels, twin water inlet, punch-type pulsator and lint filter help in easy and thorough washing of all types of clothes. 

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