9Kg or higher capacity top load automatic washing machines for large families on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 16 Dec 2021 17:52 IST
9Kg or higher capacity top load automatic washing machines for large families on Amazon India
9Kg or higher capacity top load automatic washing machines for large families on Amazon India

A large family needs a washing machine with a large capacity to accommodate all their laundry. If you’re wondering what type of washing machine is suitable for you, make sure you get one with a minimum capacity of 9 kgs. Additionally, you should look at other features such as its energy ratings, special jets, and whether it is a top-load machine (as those are easier to use). Here are some of the best top loading washing machines on Amazon with a capacity of 9 kg or higher. 

Samsung WA11J5751SP/TL

The Samsung WA11J5751SP/TL is a fully automatic top load washing machine with an 11 kg capacity, making it ideal for large families. The washing drum is known as the diamond drum - it has a unique “soft curl” design that has diamond-shaped ridges. This is claimed to be quite gentle on your clothes, reducing damage due to frequent washes. Additionally, this washing machine also leverages the brand’s wobble technology. This means that pulsators built into the device are used to generate a multi-directional washing flow to prevent your clothes from getting tangled up. This washing machine runs on a Digital Inverter Technology, which should translate to more energy efficiency. 

Whirlpool Washing Machine

The Whirlpool washing machine is a good option for people who want to ensure they are properly sanitising their clothes. This is because the appliance heats water up to 60-degrees Celsius and gives you three different levels to choose from, namely Warm, Hot and Allergen Free. It also heats water through a six-step process, and this is claimed to help remove up to 50 types of tough stains like those left behind by ketchup, oil, grass, etc. You can also select its special Stainwash program to remove stains 48 hours old. This washing machine has a 5-star energy savings rating. 


The IFB TL SDIN is a fully-automatic top-loading washing machine with a 10.6-kg capacity. This washing machine is fitted with a triadic pulsator, which is claimed to thoroughly soak clothes and dissolve detergent to prevent waste. The washing drum has crescent moons built onto it, and these are claimed to function as a water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics. It has a hot water wash feature that is claimed to eliminate germs and odours from dirty clothes. The washing machine is also claimed to trap lint and lose microfibres while washing your clothes, and this should help it ensure that the clothes are properly cleaned.


The LG T90SJSF1Z is a good option for families looking for an energy-efficient device. It runs on a Smart Inverter technology that adjusts its energy consumption according to the required power. This should ensure that it does not waste energy. It is equipped with a Turbo Drum to ensure a powerful wash. This washing machine has a Punch + 3 feature that works by creating vertical water streams that help mix the laundry up and down to get rid of tough stains. The LG T90SJSF1Z has a 9-kg capacity and comes with other handy features such as a Child Lock, Jet+ and a 5-star energy rating. 

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