4 Washing machines with a quick wash option on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 20 Dec 2021 17:37 IST
4 Washing machines with a quick wash option on Amazon India
4 Washing machines with a quick wash option on Amazon India

Before buying a washing machine, you should always consider certain factors like capacity, energy efficiency, power consumption and more. But nowadays, we all need a machine that can quickly deal with small piles of laundry as we often don’t have the time to wait for hour-long wash cycles. We have curated a list of washing machines with the quick wash feature so you can get clean clothes in no time! 

Bosch WAJ2416SIN 

The WAJ2416SIN  is a BEE 5 star rated front load washing machine by Bosch, ideal for large families. It has a capacity of 7 kg and features an inbuilt heater that gets rid of 99.9% bacteria (as claimed by the company) with each wash. Its anti-tangle function ensures the clothes aren’t damaged by being tied up together. Bosch has equipped it with anti-vibration sidewalls that provide stable and noise-free operation at all times. Its uniquely designed VarioDrum is tough on stains and gentle on the fabric. The machine is powered by a highly efficient Varioinverter motor that ensures low power consumption and high cleaning efficiency. You can easily configure the program settings, timer and view them on the LED display. The machine’s best feature is that it can wash small loads in 15 to 30 minutes using the quick wash mode! Bosch claims that its shortest wash cycle is 65% faster, but the cleaning quality isn’t compromised.

Samsung WW60R20GLMA/TL 

This fully automatic front load washing machine offers you the best wash quality for your clothes. It comes with a capacity of 6 kg, making it a suitable choice for bachelor and nuclear families. The machine uses the advanced hygienic steam wash that helps get rid of dirt and bacteria so you can get clean and hygienic clothes after every wash. It is powered by a powerful motor that ensures long-lasting performance and keeps the power consumption in check. The machine has a 5-star energy rating (BEE) and features digital inverter technology that uses magnets for noise-free operation. Its diamond drum plays a vital role in removing tough stains without damaging the fabric. You can also use the quick wash mode to wash clothes when you are in a hurry and even dry them faster as it can achieve spinning speeds up to 1000 RPM. 


This energy-efficient, fully automatic, front-load washing machine can be an ideal addition to your household if you often feel the need to wash some clothes quickly. It has a 5-star BEE energy rating and a capacity of 7 kg. It can attain spin speeds up to 1200 RPM, ensuring less drying time. The machine is equipped with an in-built heater that can heat water up to 60°C, which helps remove stains, bacteria, and allergens. You won’t have to worry about power cuts as the machine resumes operation from where it left off after the power supply is resumed. It has 10 wash programs for different kinds of clothes like cotton, silk, etc., and its 6 Motion direct drive technology helps enhance the cleaning process by moving the drum in different directions.

Samsung WA65T4262GG/TL

This affordable, fully automatic, front-load, and energy-efficient washing machine from Samsung is easy to use and increases the wash quality of your clothes. It has a capacity of 6.5 kg and is suitable for bachelors and couples. It uses digital inverter technology that provides powerful and long-lasting performance with minimum noise and doesn’t disrupt operation due to power cuts. Its wobbler pulsator helps keep the clothes from tangling during the wash cycle, preventing fabric damage. Its superior diamond drum can easily remove the tough stains while gently washing the clothes. You can use the quick wash mode to wash lighter loads or lightly soiled clothes in a shorter time interval. The machine is eco-friendly and reuses the water from the rinse cycle to ensure minimal wastage. The magic filter inside the drum effectively collects lint and particles to keep your clothes clean, and smart features like child lock and delay function make its operation easy and fast!

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