Top 4 43-inch LED TVs for the perfect viewing experience on Amazon India

A 43-inch TV is a good size for most rooms when viewing content as well as playing games. If you’re looking for a 43-inch TV, check these out.

By Rishabh | Published 09 Jan 2021 16:24 IST
Top 4 43-inch LED TVs for the perfect viewing experience on Amazon India
Top 4 43-inch LED TVs for the perfect viewing experience on Amazon India

The perfect TV size is not defined as it majorly depends on how big the area is. Anything around the 40-inch size is considered as a good average for small to medium rooms, and for those of you looking for a TV in the bedroom. The 43-inch TVs are considered to be the apt as 40-inch isn’t widely available. The slim bezels on offer on these TVs should fit most entertainment centres with ease. Since we are talking about perfect viewing experience, these TVs need to bring with them a good panel to produce good picture quality. Since 43-inches is too small to make the most of 4K one can consider an FHD TV as it will still give viewers an immersive viewing experience. However, for those of you looking for a 4K TV, we’ve included one here as well. Some of these TVs also bring with them voice-enabled remote control along with giving you access to a smart assistant. So here is a look at some 43-inch TVs that you can consider that are available on Amazon.

Sony Bravia 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-43W672G

This 43-inch TV from Sony is a Full HD TV with a refresh rate of 50Hz. It also supports HDR, so you can consume HDR content from streaming services and also indulge in some HDR games. The TV also boasts of Sony’s X-reality Pro to help enhance the picture quality experience. The TV comes with a remote control that has hotkeys to launch Netflix and YouTube. You can also control your set-top-box with the TVs remote control. The TV doesn’t run on a smart TV platform like Android. It runs on a Linux based OS and brings with it popular streaming services built-in. For your connectivity needs the TV has 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. It also has 20W of sound output. 

Samsung 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV UA43T5350AKXXL

This TV from Samsung is also a Full HD TV and also supports HDR. It runs on the company’s Tizen OS and also brings with it support for streaming services built-in. If you like watching content on Apple TV+ then know that the Samsung TV supports the Apple TV+ app built-in. Users can also mirror their smartphone display on the TV, use the TV as a music system and can also use the TV as a personal computer with a keyboard and mouse. You can also connect an external hard drive to the TV to back up your photos and videos wirelessly from your smartphone to the TV. For your connectivity needs, the TV has 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. 

LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 43LM5650PTA

This 43-inch TV from LG comes with a full HD resolution of 1080p, which is good for viewing content as that’s the most common resolution for content. Apart from that, this is also a smart TV, meaning that you get all the web content streaming services on the TV itself. The audio on this TV is powered by Dolby Audio, which makes for impressive sound while viewing content. Since the TV has two HDMI ports, you can hook it up to a set-top box and a gaming console and switch between the two without hassle. It will even read content from a hard drive or pen drive thanks to the USB port.

Mi TV 4A PRO 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Android LED TV 

Here is a TV from Mi which is all about convenience and ease of use. The is an  Android TV with a simple UI, a fluid interface and preloaded apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. The 43-inch Full HD display is good for almost all room sizes and ensures that you can see everything on display with ease. The TV also comes with Google Assistant, meaning you can simply tell the TV what you want to watch, and it will do your bidding as a good TV should. Protection Status