QLED TVs: Best mid-range TVs for the ultimate HDR experience on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 17 Sep 2021
QLED TVs: Best mid-range TVs for the ultimate HDR experience on Amazon India
QLED TVs: Best mid-range TVs for the ultimate HDR experience on Amazon India

Any TV can benefit from HDR support as long as you have a source for HDR content, such as multiple popular streaming apps today. However, the HDR experience is taken to the next level altogether on a QLED TV. Promising a great visual experience, QLED TVs offer great power efficiency and more economical pricing than their OLED counterparts. Additionally, QLED displays are also more durable. With all of these advantages, you might want to buy one yourself. Here are some options available on Amazon at the mid-range price point with a great mix of useful features and powerful specifications. 


With a 55 inch 4K display, the iFFALCON H71 TV offers a high level of detail with the right screen size for your home. The model supports HDR10+, which optimises content frame by frame to produce vivid visuals with compatible content. Its TCL AI-in technology integrates your TV with your smart home, allowing you to control both with just your voice commands through Google Assistant. Access to Google Play Store enables you to install a wide range of apps for various needs. Its iPQEngine rectifies any discrepancies in its colour reproduction for a perfect result every time. With Dual 15W speakers, the TV's audio delivery is also impressive. 

Samsung The Frame Series QA43LS03AAKLXL

With customisable magnetic bezels, The Frame TV from Samsung allows you to alter its appearance to match your room and your preferences. The adjustable stand on the body allows you to increase its height, making room for a soundbar below the TV if needed. It can adjust the brightness of the TV screen based on the lighting conditions, delivering an optimised experience at all times. With the Spacefit sound technology, the model adjusts its audio delivery for the best results in your room. The TV features a Dual LED backlighting design that improves colour reproduction for sharper results. Its Solar Cell Remote can be charged with indoor and outdoor lighting in addition to USB power, which helps it stay operational for longer.

TCL 50C715

With Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support, the TCL QLED TV offers a great visual experience on supported content. The certified Android operating system onboard includes Google Assistant, which allows you to control your TV with your voice. Its dual 15W speakers deliver impactful audio for your favourite shows and movies. The Magic Connect feature of the TV helps you use your smartphone to operate your TV and take screenshots. With Google Play Store available, you can install a wide range of useful apps for your needs. It features 2GB of RAM, which keeps your TV running smoothly. Additionally, you also get 16GB of storage space for your downloads.

Samsung The Serif Series QA43LS01TAKXXL

The Serif is designed to look good from any angle, upgrading the style quotient of your room whether you place it on a table or mount it on a stand. The combination of Ambient Mode+ and Exclusive Patterns ensures that your TV always has something appealing on its screen, even when you’re not watching it. With support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Bixby, you always have the voice assistant of your choice at your disposal. Its Multi View feature lets you consume content on your TV while also sharing your smartphone’s screen to the display. The Active Voice Amplifier technology enhances dialogue clarity for better audio. 


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