Premium 75-inch (and above) TVs for an amazing multimedia experience on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 27 Sep 2021 12:46 IST
Premium 75-inch (and above) TVs for an amazing multimedia experience on Amazon India
Premium 75-inch (and above) TVs for an amazing multimedia experience on Amazon India

The TV at the heart of your entertainment system should have a big and immersive display. Here are some great big-screen TVs to consider.

The TV lies at the heart of your home entertainment setup. Hence, if there’s one device in the entire setup that you should not compromise with, it is the television. For starters, you should go with a big display for a cinematic experience at home. However, just going for any big display is not the right decision. With a large screen, the TV should also offer high picture quality and unique features that truly elevate your home entertainment into a premium experience. We’ve curated some TVs available on Amazon with a screen size of 75 inches or larger for you to choose from. These TVs also offer a great mix of unique capabilities and impressive specifications.

Sony Bravia TV XR-75X90J

The Sony Bravia X90J series features the Cognitive Processor XR that optimises your visuals for contrast, colour and clarity based on how human perception functions. It combines the capabilities of its 4K resolution, and full-array LED panel to deliver lifelike pictures with highly realistic contrast. The XR sound technology aims to enhance sound quality and positioning to deliver realistic audio and surround sound experience. With XR 4K upscaling, the TV relies on its algorithm and data to upscale all content to 4K quality. XR Motion Clarity keeps your fast visuals free from motion blur. Its Slim Blade Stand is designed to maximise its appeal.

Vu The Masterpiece TV 85QPX

With a massive 85 inch display, The Masterpiece TV from Vu aims for a truly cinema-scale home entertainment experience. Its Dual Band Wi-Fi support lets you make the most of the latest wireless connectivity options without impacting overall network performance. The performance of the TV is powered by a 64 bit Quad Core Processor that aims to keep your experience seamless. Its bezel-less design and diamond-cut finish, paired with the Armani Gold aesthetics, makes it a great choice for upgrading the style quotient of your living room. With the maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, the TV also allows you to upscale content from lower frame rates to a smooth 120Hz with its Motion Rate feature.

TCL TV 75P715

The micro-dimming technology on the TCL TV allows it to deliver impressive contrast by dimming specific zones of your display. With the combination of TCL’s AI-IN technology and integration with the Google Home platform, you can use the TV as a hub for your smart home as well. The Magiconnect feature of the TV makes it easy to share content from your smartphone to the big display. The Android TV experience allows you to install your favourite apps from the Google Play Store. Its metallic frame highlights the minimal bezels in its design, resulting in an aesthetically appealing TV for your home.

Sony Bravia TV KD-75X80J

Designed with the X-Protection Pro standard, the Sony X80J series aims for high durability against dust, humidity, power surges and even lightning strikes. Its Ambient Optimisation technology adjusts the visuals and the audio depending on your environment. With 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, you can make the most of your high-speed broadband connection while streaming on this TV. The model supports Dolby Vision and Atmos, allowing you to experience high-quality visuals and immersive audio with supported content. Its audio is further enhanced by its 20W built-in X-balanced speakers, which feature a uniquely balanced design. The TV’s Object Based HDR remaster feature analyses every object on screen to optimise the contrast performance.


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