LED lights to spruce your TV viewing experience on Amazon India

Want to invest in a little something for your home theatre? Check out some of these LED lights, which will spruce up your TV watching experience.

By Rishabh | Published 19 Feb 2021 16:53 IST
LED lights to spruce your TV viewing experience on Amazon India
LED lights to spruce your TV viewing experience on Amazon India

When it comes to watching a movie in your place, you can do several things to enhance your experience. You can invest in a soundbar for impressive surround sound, get a set of remote control curtains to turn your room into a theatre, or get a set of reactive LED lights, which set the mood and tempo for a movie night. Such LED lights are an expansive addition to your overall setup in that they bring the content on the screen out and right to your room. If you’re looking to up your game for the next movie night with your pals, surprise them by getting one of these LED lights available on Amazon.  

MINGER Dream Colour LED Strip Lights

The MINGER Dream Colour LED Strip Lights are wireless and have a total length of 16.4ft. These LED lights support Alexa, and you can switch between millions of colours with a voice command. It also has a mic that can detect sound patterns to match lighting effects with it. You can choose different settings like morning, evening, romantic, candlelight, etc. These lights also have a special DIY section in the light’s app, which allows a user to configure six different styles such as fade, jumping, music, combo, and more. Additionally, you can adjust the speed of these transitions and colours to these styles as well.

Mufasa LED Neon Light Rope

Here is an LED Neon Light rope which you can either place behind your TV or around the roof of your room. Either way, this LED light rope will give you ample illumination and set the mood for a movie night. Behind your TV, the lights will let out a glow on to the back wall, which enhances the movie viewing experience, while lights set up around the room give you the perfect ambience for having fun with your friends during a movie session. It comes with 120 LEDs for optimal brightness and a 5-metre length, meaning you can place it easily all around your room.

Philips Hue Lightstrip 

The Philips Hue Lightstrip is a smart LED strip for your home entertainment setup. With Hue sync, you can have an immersive experience by syncing your lights with music, games, and movies. The Philips Hue Light strip smart light has the flexibility to bend, cut and extend for the application of your choice. You can control the lights using your Amazon Echo speaker, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT, Nest, and Logitech Harmony. 

Wipro WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22

The Wipro smart LED bulb can be operated through Wi-Fi and has a range of other smart light features. These include reactive lighting to sound, which can not only enhance your experience while watching movies but also turn your room into a mini disco if you feel so inclined. The LED bulb has a 9-watt wattage, meaning that it is good enough to light up your small to medium-sized room. Incidentally, if you have more than one of the same, you can synchronize them all together for a better, more dynamic experience for movie watching or just getting your room turn up.

MANSAA 10 MTR 100 LED USB String Light for Decoration

Here is a 10 metre LED light string, which makes it so that you can spread it all over your room for some aesthetic lighting. When watching a movie, these lights give you comfortable and inviting yellow lighting. Perhaps the best and most nifty feature about this string LED light is that it can be connected to devices using a USB cable, meaning you can directly connect it to your TV or laptop, without the lights drawing much power themselves. For adding something new to your home theatre set-up, these lights are a good option- they are hassle-free to set up and install while getting the job done.

K Riyakar Home RGB Multicolored Super LED Strip

If you want to go all out in terms of decoration, this multicoloured LED strip is a good option. You can control the lights or the combination of lights to be emitted using the convenient remote control that comes in the box. It comes with RGB controls, brightness control and more, allowing you to get the lights you want in your room. Not only can you set the whole set of lights to a single RGB colour, but you can also mix and match colours, making these lights good not just for the home theatre set-up but also for house parties and other such gatherings. Since it has a length of 5 metres, you can set it up all over your theatre room.