Good-quality QLED TVs with Dolby Vision support on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 27 Sep 2021
Good-quality QLED TVs with Dolby Vision support on Amazon India
Good-quality QLED TVs with Dolby Vision support on Amazon India

As an alternative to traditional LCDs and newer LEDs, QLED TVs carry the best of both worlds. They offer a visual experience that is far superior to LCD TVs while also delivering extended durability. Additionally, they’re also more economical when compared to LED TVs. Beyond the upfront cost, they also save more in the long run with higher power efficiency. If you’re looking for the right QLED TV for your home, ensure that you pick one with Dolby Vision HDR support. This will let you enjoy your favourite shows and movies the way their creators intended them to be consumed. Here are some options available on Amazon that deliver a great combo of specs and features.

TCL Smart QLED TV 55C725

With a video call camera built-in, the TCL C725 TV is designed to satisfy your entertainment and communication needs. The TV features the Google Duo app, enabling you to experience your video calls on the big screen. Its sound system is designed by Onkyo, elevating its audio delivery to the next level. Support for Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD enhances this further for the right content. The 4K display aims to keep your favourite 4K content immersive and engaging with its Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support. Its MEMC feature ensures that fast-paced action scenes remain smooth and seamless. With the AiPQ technology, the TV optimises the content for the environment and even upscales it to keep your viewing experience consistent. 


The iFFALCON H71 features a 55-inch display, providing a cinematic screen experience for your home entertainment setup. Its metallic frame makes it an aesthetically appealing piece in any room. With a pair of 15W speakers, the TV delivers impactful audio for everyday listening. The TV features support for voice commands through Google Assistant, enabling hands-free operations. Its iPQEngine aims to eliminate any colour inaccuracies to deliver great visuals. With Dolby Atmos and DTS HD audio, the sound produced by this TV can create a cinematic experience in your living room. In addition to Dolby Vision, the TV also supports HDR10+ for a scene-by-scene optimisation of your favourite movies and shows.


The TCL QLED TV uses Mini LED backlight technology in its display for superior contrast and colour performance. When this combines with the Quantum-dot panel, the TV delivers a high level of detail and depth for your visuals. With the native 100Hz Motion Clarity feature, fast action scenes in any type of content stay smooth and seamless. Supporting a wide range of HDR formats like HLG, HDR10+ and more, the TCL QLED TV can make the most of HDR content on multiple streaming services. It also features the Dolby Vision IQ technology that adjusts the picture quality based on the room’s lighting conditions. 

Vu The Masterpiece QLED TV 85QPX 

With full-array local dimming support, the Masterpiece TV from Vu produces optimal brightness and contrast, with deep blacks and dazzling whites. A peak brightness of 1000 nits makes it capable of an excellent visual performance even during daylight conditions. The gold aesthetic and the diamond cut finish makes the TV a visually stunning addition to your home. Its base features a mesh grille that houses a soundbar for enhanced audio delivery. This soundbar has an output power of 50W, with six speakers, 2 subwoofers and 2 tweeters for a complete audio experience. A refresh rate of 120Hz lets you make the most of your gaming console’s power. 


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