Best QLED TVs on Amazon India

QLED TVs bring with them fantastic picture quality, the likes of which can give other premium technologies a run for its money. If it is a QLED TV that you want, then you need not look beyond these.

By Ashwin Nair | Published 15 Feb 2021 18:55 IST
Best QLED TVs on Amazon India
Best QLED TVs on Amazon India

If you are looking for a flagship TV, then you should consider QLED TVs. QLED TVs bring with them fantastic picture quality, which enhances your TV viewing experience. Here are the best QLED TVs that you can consider purchasing in India. 

OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro

If you are looking for a TV that performs well on both audio and visual fronts, then this 55-inch QLED TV from OnePlus may very well prove to be the right choice. To start with, it uses a QLED panel that delivers the visual output in 4K UHD format and uses technologies like Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+ to further enhance the quality of the output. When it comes to sound, you should be satisfied with the 50W output this OnePlus TV provides. For this, it uses a stylish sliding soundbar that houses two tweeters and two subwoofers. All these features should make it an ideal TV for your living room. 

Samsung QA55Q60TAKXXL

Here is a TV from Samsung that has thin bezels on all four sides, a feature not found on many TVs. As a result, you will be able to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. This 55-inch TV sports a QLED 4K UHD display, from which you can expect a visual output that’s rich in colours and details. Moreover, Samsung uses a special Wide Colour Enhancer technology to ensure that the brightness, contrast and saturation levels in the final output are in the right proportions. When it comes to the audio performance, it delivers a 20W output, which should be good enough for a medium to large-sized room. 

TCL 65C715

If you are looking for a QLED TV that is loaded with smart TV features, then this model from TCL should do you justice. It has features like inbuilt Wi-Fi, Chromecast, voice controls, OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar and 5000+ other apps to improve your user experience. The big 65-inch Quantum Dot display of the TV delivers a visual output with accurate colour renditions, as per company claims. It should deliver good sound performance, thanks to its 30W speakers. Nonetheless, you can always amp up the volume if you want by connecting additional speakers to any of the three HDMI ports given at the back. 

Samsung QA55Q70RAKXXL

The Samsung QA55Q70RAKXXL has a 55-inch 4K UHD display with a bezel-less design that should deliver a visually immersive experience for you. Also, you can enjoy action-packed movies and videos without any stutters as it supports refresh rates up to 120Hz. This makes it a good TV for gaming purposes as well, and thanks to the four HDMI ports given at the back, you can easily connect your gaming console to the TV. You should be able to enjoy a good listening experience as well, thanks to the powerful 40W sound output. However, if you want to fill the room with thumping sounds, then you can most certainly connect additional speakers to the TV using any of the HDMI ports at the back. 

TCL 55C715

Here is a 55-inch QLED TV from TCL that delivers not only good visual and audio output but also has efficient, user-friendly features. To start with, it uses a QLED panel to enhance the quality of the final output, both in terms of colour gradients as well as sharpness. It sports inbuilt speakers that give an output of 30W, which should be able to fill up a big room. Then comes the list of smart TV features – pre-installed OTT platforms, inbuilt Chromecast and Wi-Fi, Google Assistant and more. One thing that stands out in this TV is the availability of hands-free voice controls, enabling you to give commands to the TV in the most hassle-free manner. Protection Status