Accessories that every home theatre owner must have on Amazon India

By Sameer Mitha | Published 06 Mar 2020 17:36 IST
Accessories that every home theatre owner must have on Amazon India
Accessories that every home theatre owner must have on Amazon India

When building a home theatre, accessories are as important as the core setup itself. It is these accessories that help give you a comfortable and convenient home theatre setup. Accessories can be of various types and serve various purposes. Some may help with cable management, others may give you a one-stop solution to various sources of content. Yet others may help reduce the clutter of remote controls. If you are building a home theatre, then know that to have a great setup, you need to go beyond just the screen, projector, amplifier and speakers. It is the accessories that help enhance your experience and we will list for you 4 accessories to consider that are available on Amazon. 

Gizga Cable Organiser Manager

The back of an amplifier houses all the connections including the speaker cables, HDMI, analogue, USB and more. Leaving these cables unmanaged isn’t a good idea. To manage the cables you can consider the Gizga Cable Organiser Manager. It helps organize and conceal all types of cables be it HDMI cables, ethernet, USB and more. The organizer can be wrapped around the cables with a Cloth Fastener locking system. The sleeve has holes in it making accessing the cables easy and hassle-free. 

AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire

The weakest link in any home theatre setup has to be the cables. If you don't have the right speaker cable, then you will not get the best output from your expensive speakers. Having speaker wire at hand always helps especially if you need to change the wire or ensure it is not the weakest link in your system. It also helps you have the wire on hand if you will expand your home theatre with new speakers and need some extra wire to ensure a seamless connection. In such a case, it makes sense to have the 100ft of 16-gauge speaker wire that we are talking about here. One side of the wire is marked with a white line, making it easy to distinguish the polarity and make the setup process easier. 

Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control 

Let’s face it, once you set up a home theatre, there are a lot of remote controls to deal with. There is the amplifier, the projector/TV, the set-top-box, Blu-ray player, streaming box and more. With each device comes a new remote control. And if you go in for an elaborate set up like a mechanical screen, mechanical blinds and more, then there are more remote controls to deal with. In such a situation it makes sense to have one remote to rule them all. To have one remote control working with all these devices you can check out the Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control. The remote control is compatible with more than 5000 brands. It is simple and easy to set up. It has a colour screen to give you relevant information. With one-click activation, all the relevant devices come on. For example, if you click on watch DVD, then the DVD player along with the display and the speakers, all come on. 

Fire TV Stick 4K

Unlike smart TVs, most projectors don't come with a smart UI. and when building a home theatre, one of the accessories to consider is a one-stop device that can house all your streaming service needs. For this, you can consider the Fire TV Stick 4K. Not only does it have access to all streaming services like Prime Videos, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee 5 and more but also supports formats like 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR, HDR-10, HLG, and HDR-10+. It comes with an Alexa-enabled voice remote control and can also control your smart appliances. If you have a network drive with content stored on it, know that you can access the content from a service like Plex from the comfort of your Fire TV stick.

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