4K HDR TVs with full-array local dimming on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 27 Sep 2021
4K HDR TVs with full-array local dimming on Amazon India
4K HDR TVs with full-array local dimming on Amazon India

When you’re buying a TV you’re looking for the best visual experience for your favourite shows and movies. Ensuring that your TV’s resolution is 4K and its compatibility with HDR standards is a step in the right direction, but you can actually go further. This is made possible with technologies like Full Array Local Dimming. This technology consists of a number of lighting zones behind the display that can be dimmed or brightened individually, as needed. This allows darker parts of the screen to appear dimmer, while highlights can be brightened, allowing for great HDR performance. To ensure that your next TV can achieve this, we’ve curated some TVs available on Amazon that offer full-array local dimming along with 4K and HDR support. They also offer other great specifications and features.


With nano particles in the mix, the LG Nanocell TV applies the latest technology to ensure great colour and contrast performance. This is further enhanced by LG’s own Alpha7 Intelligent Processor that improves the detailing through features like Dual Step Noise Reduction and Active depth enhancement. With Dolby Vision, HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro supported, the LG TV aims for maximum compatibility with HDR content across the board. Support for Dolby Audio lets the TV deliver an immersive sound experience for the right content. The Gallery Mode on the TV showcases appealing visuals from around the world when the TV is not in use.

Sony Bravia TV XR-75X90J

The Sony Bravia TV features the Cognitive Processor XR for an audio-visual performance optimised for the human brain. Its XR Contrast Booster feature harnesses the potential of its Full Array Local Dimming technology to deliver deeper colours and higher contrast levels. With 4K Upscaling, 2K signals are transformed into 4K-level quality for a consistent entertainment experience. The Motion Clarity technology on the TV aims to keep fast-paced action visible without any blur for clear details. For gamers, this TV supports HDMI 2.1 and a high refresh rate of 120fps for seamless connectivity with your gaming console.

Vu The Masterpiece TV 85QPX

With the Armani Gold Aesthetics and Diamond Cut Finish surrounding a Bezel-less display, Vu’s the Masterpiece TV is designed to impress. The TV’s design also features an integrated subwoofer with a total output power of 50W. This subwoofer comes with two sets of woofers and tweeters to cover the entire audio spectrum. Its 64-bit Quad Core processor works with the 2GB of RAM available to deliver a great performance to you.  You also get 16GB of storage to keep a wide range of apps as well as downloads from your favourite shows. The TV also supports Dual Band Wi-Fi that allows you to use your home network optimally.

Sony Bravia TV 65X9000H

With support for 4K 120 fps input, the Sony Bravia TV 65X9000H is ready for your consoles and other input sources. Beyond the full-array design, the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO feature enhances contrast for improved results. The Triluminos technology used by the display allows it to showcase a wider range of colours for pictures that are close to reality. Its Object-based HDR remaster feature can detect objects within a scene and optimise its visualisation accordingly. The built-in X-Balanced speaker system can deliver impactful audio for everyday listening. It also has Chromecast built-in, allowing you to share content directly to the TV from your smartphone.


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